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Five Exercises For A Strong Core   

By doing these five exercises for a strong core you will improve overall strength, mobility and prevent injuries. As you may be aware, core muscles are not just vital for body stability but also day-to-day activities.

The core muscles are the main links connecting your upper and lower body, making movement and engagements flow seamlessly. Therefore, you must take out time to exercise your core and ensure it’s always in the best shape. Not to worry, here are five key exercises you can engage in for a strong core.

Five Key Core Exercises

  1. Glute Bridge: While this exercise will give your gluteal muscles more flexibility and improved appearance, it is also aimed at strengthening your core. To engage in this exercise, lie down on the exercise mat with your face and knees up. However, ensure your feet are flat on the surface. After this, raise your hips upwards and downwards. The entire process is repeated. The benefits of this exercise include reduction in lower back pain, improved mobility, and agility.


  1. Plank: This exercise is similar to regular push-ups. The distinguishing factor here is that planks do not involve movement. Instead, you have to maintain a push-up position for an extended period. To do this exercise, get into the push-up position and retain it for an extended period. The benefits of planking include improved posture and metabolism boost.


  1. Leg Raises:

    As simple as it sounds, leg raises offer core strengthening by targeting the anterior hip flexors. The effect of this is a strengthening of the internal and external oblique muscles. This exercise is quite straightforward. It is done by lifting your legs into the air, suspending them, and then dropping. This cycle is repeated, resulting in enhanced leg and abdomen strength.


  1. Bird Dog: You may have imagined it already. This exercise enhances key parts of your body, such as the hip and back muscles, to increase motion range and posture placement. To perform this exercise, adjust yourself to be on your four limbs. Then, raise your opposing limbs (one arm, one leg) simultaneously. The exercise works to safeguard the neck and build lower back strength.


  1. Side Bend: This core exercise is all about strengthening the intercostal muscles. It is done by simply raising your right arm and bending your upper body to the left side. You can also switch over to the other arm and side. This is done repeatedly with breaks having the effect of increased rib support and strengthened core.

Focus on Core For Added Strength and Durability

In addition, there are other exercises you could engage in as well that will improve your core strength and facilitate your all-around fitness. These exercises include superman pull, v-sit, pelvic tilt, and crunches. But learning about these moves is not enough. You must ensure you take the right steps to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Benefits Of Exercising Outdoors

The benefits of exercising outdoors are many. Weight control, a healthy heart, improved vitamin D levels and stress relief just to name a few. Exercise is great for the brain and will increase its function immediately. Going outdoors to exercise leaves you with a never-ending change of scenery. In addition, you can choose your own venue every time.

Here are some of the added benefits when you exercise outdoors:

Weight Management- Working out and exercising on a regular basis will burn calories, resulting in weight loss.  Cut out the T.V and sitting in front of the computer and get moving.

Increased Energy- Exercising and energy levels are directly related. The more you exercise the more energy you will have.

Lower blood pressure- A healthy heart increases blood flow and reduces stress. If you have high blood pressure, cardiovascular exercise may help lower it. If you don’t have high blood pressure, exercise may help prevent it from rising as you age.

Everyone has reasons why they exercise. Some want to lose weight; others do it for blood pressure, or to prevent disease or to fit in to that new pair of jeans.

Benefits of Stretching Outdoors:

A nice mat or towel is all you need to get started. Stretching and movement can make a world of difference in the way we feel, move, age and recover. Stretching often is not only good for your body but it also makes you feel better. The body functions better when we stretch, so what are you waiting for?

As we get older our muscles begin to tighten. This is a natural part of the aging process. The bad thing about tightening is that it can inhibit range of motion and cause joint stiffness, making normal day to day activities more difficult.

Many of our Chiropractic patients have great results when combining stretching and outdoor exercise. A consistent stretching routine will have you feeling limber and younger. In addition, recovery will be much faster.

Some Great Outdoor Exercises

– Hiking

Hiking trails outdoors is a great way to exercise. Fresh air and time to think are always a good way to reduce stress.

– Beach Volleyball

Living in our Sunny state we are not far from the beach. Beach volleyball is a great sport to enjoy while getting fresh air and exercise.

-Yoga Outdoors

Yoga is a great outdoor exercise activity that can leave you feeling great. In addition ou may make some new workout partners.

– Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to get a total body workout. Living in St Pete there is water not far from all of us. Swimming tones muscle, boosts metabolism and burns calories.

Get outdoors and experience the healing power of nature while you exercise.

Did you know that when you are outdoors it benefits the immune system? Our bodies react different in nature. Being outdoors while exercising boosts the immune system.

Being outdoors in a non controlled climate will burn more calories. Therefore, performing the same exercise outdoors is better for you than doing it inside.

Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, an outdoor bike ride, or a swim at the beach you can’t beat outdoor exercise. Try it and see for yourself. Need help starting a program?  Call us for individualized planning: 727-522-1900

Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

The benefits of drinking water daily cannot be over emphasized. Every day, health experts and fitness instructors encourage people to drink more water and stay hydrated. Have you ever wondered why? Here are a few reasons why you should heed their advice and stay hydrated.

Water fights fatigue

Since about 75% of the human body is made up of water, dehydration affects most of the body’s functions. Dehydration has been associated, by scientific studies, with increased fatigue, anger, and confusion. It is also associated with mood problems and decreased vigor. For your cells to work properly, it is important you are well hydrated. In addition,  Drinking water also helps retain a healthy heart rate, blood pressure, and good metabolism.

Water is good for the immune system

You need adequate fluid to produce lymph, an essential bodily fluid, and a significant immune system component. All systems of the body work better with adequate hydration, including the immune system. For an improved immune system, drink more water.

Benefits of Drinking Water Daily – Training

Adequate hydration is vital to workouts. Water helps lubricate joints in the body and improve metabolism. Drinking water helps you work out longer and avoid muscle cramps. You should take extra care to stay hydrated during workouts so that you can maximize the benefits of your workout.

Water improves vitality and recovery

Water is a major component of our circulatory system. By drinking enough water, we encourage greater circulation of blood within our system. For instance, Blood carries food nutrients and white blood cells. Increased circulation means an increase in the rate our body parts receive needed nourishment and defense. Therefore, This will bring about an increase in vitality.

Water reduces the effects of aging

Drinking sufficient water helps plump up and renew skin cells, which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so you look younger. In addition, Water is also an agent of detoxification. It helps flush toxins and impurities out of the body that dulls your complexion. Above all, Being well hydrated supports good blood circulation, which will help your skin glow.

Benefits Of Drinking Water Daily – Digestion

Water and fiber work together to ensure digestion and avoid constipation. In addition, Water dilutes waste and helps to eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, thereby preventing your GI tract from infection and inflammation. Water and fiber bulk up stools and make them easier to excrete. Being well hydrated with water and fluids every day helps your digestion system to be optimal in its performance and to stay regular. If you become dehydrated, your feces will become dry and hard. Passing feces would become an inconvenience.


Now that you know the immense benefits associated with taking plenty of water daily, it’s crucial you take steps to ensure clean water is made available to you consistently.  You might need to get a water bottle. Therefore, You might also need to set a daily goal and reminder. Just make the right decision today to start drinking water every day. After all, water is the soul of the earth.


Health Benefits of Sunshine

  • health-benefits-of-sunshine

Do you know about the Health benefits of sunshine? There are so many ways you can take advantage of being outside and getting a healthy amount of sun. First let’s talk about some of the benefits the sun brings that you may not know about.

Did you know that the sun reduces your blood pressure by the way it changes the levels of nitric oxide in your body? This benefits you because it lessens the risk of heart attack and stroke. If this isn’t enough there is more.

Brain Function – Sunshine and vitamin D. The sun stimulates production of vitamin d in the body. Vitamin D is vital for fighting disease.

Depression – Yes, depression can be fought off with regular exposure to the sun. If you are feeling down in the winter months it may be the lack of sun you are getting.

You can reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes with more exposure to the sun. Vitamin D plays a huge role in the production of insulin. We all know a great source of vitamin D, the sun.

In addition, getting out in the sun is great for boosting the immune system. Sunshine stimulates vitamin D and T cells which results in a more effective immune system.

Health Benefits Of Sunshine – Sleep

The more sun you get the better you sleep.

That is right! Getting out in the sun at the right times of the day will help you sleep like a champ. Make a little time to get out in the early daylight hours and reap the benefits.

In addition to sleep, the sun promotes better bone health. Vitamin D is great for the body as we all know. Did you know that it assists the body in absorbing calcium? Therefore resulting in stronger, healthier bones.

At one time or another every grandmother has said Carrots are great for the eyes. The sun and the Vitamin D you get are great for your vision and eye health.

We have the benefit of living in the sunshine state. We have as much sun as anyone could need and many ways to get out and enjoy it. If you have any questions about health or wellness, be sure to call our office: 727-522-1900. We can tailor a wellness plan to get you to peak health. Of course that plan will include some good old Florida sunshine.

Wellness Through Chiropractic Care

  • wellness through chiropractic care

Overall wellness through chiropractic care is achieved when the patient feels and lives better. Many of our patients have reported that ongoing chiropractic care has a positive effect on their overall wellness. Many of them have told us they feel improvements in level of pain and movement. In addition, each had a better quality of sleep and less stress. In addition, many of our clients reported that they get sick less and are just happier in their daily lives.

Wellness through chiropractic care is the goal at Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St Petersburg. This is done by creating unique wellness programs tailored for each client. Hearing what our clients have to say and understand that each one has specific goals.

We focus on achieving overall wellness with natural methods, healing the right way, without drugs. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St Petersburg, our chiropractic adjustments are used to enhance natural healing abilities.

Promoting Wellness through Chiropractic Care

– Chiropractors know that misalignment in the spine  will cause problems with the nervous system. Inflammation can wreak havoc on the body if not controlled. By keeping the body in alignment with adjustments, our patients enjoy a health body and nervous system.

– Massage Therapy for Wellness.

Regular massage by a professional improves postural dysfunction and improves blood flow. Massage therapy helps to work out problem areas such as the lower back, upper back, and chronic stiffness. In addition, massage reduces the pains and corrects the dysfunction in the body. Massage is also great for Strengthening  the body’s immune system.

Chiropractic Care and the Immune System

Immune System Health

Chiropractic care and the immune system go hand in hand. Our patients often find improvement in their immune system with regular chiropractic care. When a spine is healthy it is happy. Alignment plays a big role in overall wellness. Our immune system is crucial for overall health and fighting of sickness.

Chiropractic treatment and wellness are achieved in many ways. Overall wellness through proper alignment cannot be understated. The immune system is directly connected to our spine. When it is not aligned then it is not at its peak of health. In addition, the spine cannot support the immune system as it was meant to do. Preventative wellness through chiropractic care will allow the spine to do its job. Therefore, our patients when in proper alignment also enjoy a healthy immune system.

Improved Circulation through Chiropractic

The spine and circulation are closely connected. People who sit for long periods often have poor circulation if they do not get up and move. Improper spinal alignment is closely correlated to poor circulation. Nerve impingement and compression of the spine can lead to poor circulation in the hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Regular Chiropractic adjustments help improve circulation reducing restrictions on the joints and spine. Wellness through chiropractic care can begin with an adjustment to relieve pain in an area of the body.

In addition, the adjustment will increase blood flow and allow for a healthier patient.

Whether you have enjoyed chiropractic care or thinking about it, the benefits are endless. A good wellness plan created just for you by a professional can change your life.

From better sleep, diet, routine and feeling better overall, chiropractic is a great choice. Want to know more about chiropractic wellness?

Give us a call to speak with an expert: 727-522-1900




Healthy New Years Resolutions

  • healthy-new-years-resolutions

Making healthy new years resolutions will ensure a more enjoyable and meaningful life. Life without health is not living your best life. Therefore, everyone must place a high premium on living a healthy lifestyle. Just as the new year signifies a new beginning, it is important to start off right and make smart decisions to enhance your overall health. This article will provide you with sufficient knowledge on healthy new year resolutions that will make the most of the year to come.

Eat Healthy Foods – Healthy New Years Resolutions

One important decision to improve your health is to eat healthy foods. It is very easy, sustainable, and non-negotiable. You can eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, fish, and whole grains. The US Department of Health and Human Services confirms that eating healthy foods helps to fight off sickness and provide increased energy. Make sure what you are eating has nutritional value. Research also reveals that eating healthy foods reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and body weight. However, avoid convenience foods such as processed foods, chips, frozen foods, and sweetened beverages. Make it a point of duty to eat healthy foods.

Engage More in Physical Activities

To keep and sustain a healthy life this new year, you must consistently engage in physical activities, especially exercise. Find more healthy new years resolutions you can engage in activities like jogging, bike ride, swimming, or taking a walk. However, to ensure continuity, you must engage in the physical activity that you enjoy. You don’t have to engage in all activities, so you don’t tire out. Being selective has a higher chance of making your routine(s) last. Note also, it is advisable that you sit less but walk more often. If you work behind a desk, make conscious efforts to take a walk, at least during lunch.

Healthy New Years Resolution – Get Quality Sleep

The importance of sleep in sustaining good health cannot be over-emphasized. Sleep forms an integral part of our whole health. This is why lack of sleep often comes with consequences like depression, heart disease, and weight gain. You must be determined to improve your sleep quality and quantity. Sometimes, work may not encourage sleep. But, for the sake of your health, you must plan your schedule to permit quality sleep. To increase your sleep hours, reduce screen time, cut down on caffeine intake, and reduce the lights in your room.

Take More Self-Time

It is important that you take more self-time to improve your overall health this new year. Note, however, that taking self-time is not being selfish. It is simply caring for your health. Taking self-time may be a bit difficult, especially for those with busy schedules. But, with adequate planning, you can get it done. Essentially, you just have to avoid unnecessary events, meetings, and places. Your self-time doesn’t have to be big or time-consuming. Just something that may keep your body and soul at peace. Meditation makes your self-time qualitative.

In conclusion, living a healthy life does your health great good, keeps you alert, and improves your life quality. Therefore, you must make resolutions this new year that will strengthen and not “kill” your health. Hey, it is not sufficient to make resolutions. You must make conscious efforts to ensure that you carry them out. Need help with your new years resolutions and wellness? Call Bond Thomas Chiropractic for custom wellness plans that work: 727-522-1900

Health Benefits Of Walking

  • health-benefits-of-walking


The health benefits of walking cannot be understated. Walking is perhaps the most ancient exercise there is. Hippocrates, the great Greek physician, observed that “Walking is a man’s best medicine.” The thought of walking is an amazing one. For instance, if you need a chilled beverage, you must walk to the fridge. Moving to your place of work or your workstation at home, you need to walk. Traveling from one room to another or one building to another, you need to walk! So, we are enjoying the medicine whether we like it or not. Now, I am here to share with you the health benefits of walking – or why you can call walking a medicine.

Health Benefits of Walking For Bones

Weight-bearing exercise such as walking is the best for bones. Research has it that walking reduces the risk of hip fracture by 30%.[1] Another benefit of walking to the bone was observed by Michael A. Schwartz, MD of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York. He observed that walking could stop the loss of bone mass for those with weak and brittle bones, osteoporosis. Walking adds more weight to bones. And the resulting stress of the weight helps bones to build more cells.

Weight Control and Muscle Strength

With 30 minutes of walk daily, one can burn up to 150 or 200 calories. As one keeps burning these calories to release energy, the percentage of body mass is dropping. Aerobic exercise, such as walking, is one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat. Because of the muscle loss that occurs alongside weight loss, walking prevents such muscle loss that occurs during weight loss. Thereby retaining more of one’s muscle strength and function. Also, walking increases the range of motion in the body. This increase in the range of motion shifts pressure and weight from joints to muscles.

Walking and Disease Prevention

Walking prevents chronic diseases. For instance, it prevents heart diseases by bringing up heart rate, lowering blood pressures, and strengthening the heart. Walking improves breathing. It causes oxygen to travel faster through the bloodstream and eliminates waste products. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 30 minutes of walk per day. Walking lowers both blood glucose and insulin resistance. With a lowered blood glucose and insulin resistance, the risk for Type 2 diabetes is consequentially lowered. Walking boosts the immune function. It protects one during cold and flu season.

Health Benefits Of Waling And Wellness

The benefits of walking are countless. Walking improves sleep quality. It also lightens one’s mood. It releases natural pain-killing chemicals, endorphins to the body. Endorphins offer the body emotional benefits. This chemical both improves mood and reduces the anxiety that often hinders sleep. In all, walking prolongs life. According to research[2] people who exercise regularly in their fifties or sixties are 35% less likely to die compared to their non-walking counterparts.

Taking a daily prescribed medication of walk is very advantageous. More so, it can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Take a walk with nature and enjoy a thousand miracles.





Massage is not a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier life. Unlike before, a larger number of persons are now becoming aware of its importance.  The faith those persons have put into the pressing, rubbing, and manipulation of skin. In addition, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that define has massage has paid off greatly. Because of its multi-versatile importance to people, its services have expanded. In addition, to spas and upscale health clubs where the services were often offered. Now, massage services are offered in various places such as airports, businesses, clinics, and even hospitals.

Health Benefits of Massage

There are countless types of massage. Popular examples of massage therapy comprise Swedish massage, deep massage, sports massage, and trigger point massage. With all the numerous examples, 7 health benefits are common to those who go for massage therapy. These 7 consistent health benefits of massages are what is discussed below. Follow through.

  • Improves postural dysfunction: Office workers are prone to lose focus on their posture because they often have to keep to just one position while at their workplace. Hence, they become victims of pain in different parts of the body, especially their back. What massage therapy does is that it helps to work out problem areas such as the lower back, upper back, and chronic stiffness. Thereby reducing the pains and correcting the dysfunction.
  • Strengthens body immune and eases cancer symptoms: A good massage therapy stimulates small structures in the body that filter harmful substances, lymph nodes. When the lymph nodes are aroused, the body’s natural defenses are recharged. Massage reduces cancer symptoms or the side effects of cancer treatments.

More Benefits: 

  • Headache: A good way to deal with migraines, cluster headache is cozy massage therapy. This is because a barely visible amount of tension is held at the base of the skull. An example of a massage that gets the tension out of its hidden places is a good stretch of the neck muscles.
  • Moderates fatigue, anxiety, and depression: Massage helps to release chemicals/hormones in the body that relieves stress and pain, endorphins. By applying massage therapy, you will notice a drastic improvement in your mood.
  • Lessens injury and surgery swelling: Massage is an ideal way to deal with injuries such as motor vehicle accidents. It is considered part of non-prescribed (complementary) and healing-oriented (integrative) medicine. It comes in handy alongside standard treatments such as surgery. Massage can well be applied to soft tissue injuries.
  • Enhances muscle and joint flexibility: Massage therapy loosens muscle fibers that are tight and sore. Now, the loosen muscles help the body to achieve a full range of movement.
  • Improves resting and sleeping conditions: Massage gives a suiting feeling of relaxation. This relaxation is triggered by loosening muscle fibers. It then promotes a quality rest or sleeps when needed.

Why Massage May Be Right For You

The benefits above prove that massage is not only a feel-good indulgence. On the contrary, massage is very important for the physiological and mental well being of humans. Another fun fact is that one can self-massage. And if that does not seem convenient for you, you can have a partner massage you at the comfort of your home. That makes massage amazing and flexible body upkeep. Despite the versatile benefits of massage that seems to cut across all areas of medical care, it cannot be used to replace the medical care provided by your doctor.

We believe that you understand the benefits, as explained above. To enjoy these benefits, you should click the link attached to the end of this article.

Benefits of Swimming

The benefits of swimming come from aerobic, strengthening and with no impact on the joints. One of the reasons swimming is so effective is that it activates core muscles while performing even the most basic movements. Want a complete body workout without impact and risk of injury? Hop in the pool and start swimming. Read on as we discuss why swimming is a great option for any wellness routine.

Low Impact Benefits Of Swimming

A Low impact exercise that can be adapted to any program, swimming is fun, and can be done at any age. High impact exercise puts the body and joints at risk. Swimming is a zero to low impact exercise that uses water for resistance. While swimming the muscles build strength and flexibility is increase. All of this is done in a completely natural way through the motions in the water.

Lap Swimming For Health

When you hop in the pool you enter a whole new world. The water has a way of taking your mind off of everything. Hit some laps and reap the benefits physically and mentally:

– increased endurance
– improved cardiovascular health
– lower blood pressure
– increased range of motion -flexibility
– helps with weight
– balance
– reduces fall risk
– great for stress relief

Exercise the Entire Body With Swimming

Did we mention what a great exercise swimming is for the body?

It is! In fact, swimming is a great total body workout for anyone that hops in and gets moving. When you swim it engages all of the muscles from major groups. While swimming we use arms, legs, core, and our body naturally balances itself while in the water.

Cardiovascular Fitness In The Water

Sure you can put the running shoes on and hit the road. The problem with regular running is stress on on the body. Stress leads to breakdown and injury. Swimming gives you a great cardio workout without the stress and injury risk. Cardiovascular exercise involves the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. There are many ways to get a great cardio workout, but swimming is the only one with zero impact.

Benefits Of Swimming at Any Age

One of the best things about swimming is
that is can be done at any age. There are many exercises that can only be done by certain ages or with a skill level. Swimming can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime. The low impact exercise is truly unique and can be enjoyed through every stage of life. Another benefit is that you can swim alone or in a group. There are no restrictions when it comes to the benefits of swimming.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have a pool, go online and find the one closest to you. Living in St Pete, we are surrounded by pools and beautiful bodies of water. There is never a better time to start than right now.

Benefits Of Eating healthy

The benefits of eating healthy come in many forms. From increased energy to lowering risk of disease, read more to see how eating healthy will benefit your overall wellness.

When it comes to eating healthy, there are no age restrictions. Regardless of age, the choices you make will have a major impact on your health. Choosing to eat a balanced diet will provide the nutrients to maintain good health. It is important to get the right amount of nutrients including fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of eating healthy will include cardiovascular health as well as weight management. In addition, a good diet will reduce the risk of diabetes.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

A healthy diet plan will be one that is rich in vegetables and fruits and low in junk food and saturated fats. Minimizing the bad fats and sugars is important part of healthy eating. Increasing the healthy foods in your daily diet will leave less room for junk food.

Eating Healthy For Your Brain

What you eat daily can have a major impact on how you look, feel and think. Eating food that improve brain function and mood will benefit your overall wellness. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids will increase memory performance and the ability to take in new information. In addition they are known to fight depression and mood disorders.

Benefits of Eating Healthy and Diabetes

Reducing the risk of diabetes is possible with a healthy diet. Good decisions when its time to eat will go along way in preventing illness and diabetes. Make sure to get lots of good fiber and limit the saturated fats.

By maintaining a healthy diet a person with diabetes can manage their weight and more.

– stay on top of blood glucose levels
– maintain healthy targets for blood pressure and cholesterol
– prevent diabetes from complications
– nuts, fish, leafy greens, all great for any diet

Healthy Diet For Life

The leading causes of death in this country are related to chronic disease and poor lifestyle habits. Lack of nutrition, smoking and alcohol are all leading contributors. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is clear to see the importance of maintaining a diet filled with healthy choices. It is also just as important to limit the unhealthy foods. Here are some of both

Healthy Food Choices

– Leafy Greens
– Salmon
– Cruciferous Vegetables- Lean Beef and Chicken Breast
– Boiled and Sweet Potatoes
– Beans and Legumes

Unhealthy Food Choices

– Sugary drinks. Added sugar is a poor choice for a healthy diet.
– Pizza is popular but a poor choice. Moderation.
– Bread
– Sweetened breakfast cereals
– Fried foods
– Bakery Items

Remember to eat healthy and enjoy your food. Sure you can cheat and have some unhealthy foods once in a while. Make sure it is in moderation and don’t overdo it. Eat healthy and live healthy.

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