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Sitting and Back Pain

  • sitting at work and back pain

Sitting and back pain go hand in hand. Sometimes, we can’t help but sit down tight at a desk for hours in the workplace. But then, the human body is also meant to stand upright. This is important to our circulatory systems.  You impede normal blood flow and joint function by sitting for too long in the workplace. And this can cause a couple of problems, including varicose veins and lower body pain. Lower body pains can sometimes radiate to your lower limbs, depending on the cause. And while we may have several causes of lower back pain, it is clear that sitting for too long and a bad sitting posture can start or lead to back pain.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Among the causes of lower back pain are sciatica and bad posture, perhaps while working.

Sciatica takes its name from the sciatic nerve. Any time there is a compression of this nerve as a result of prolonged sitting, it radiates pain through the lower back and lower limb.

Another cause is poor sitting posture, which locks the vertebrae at restricted positions. And this can cause the wearing away of the intervertebral disc. Thus, leading to the compression of nerves in the lumbar region, causing lower back pain.

Care for Lower Back Pain Caused By Sitting

Now, you may have resolved to self-medication and other high-risk treatments to treat this pain. However, there is a low-risk and effective way of relieving lower back pain. And this is the Chiropractic Adjustment or Treatment.

The Chiropractic Treatment is a special procedure, carried out by a Chiropractor. It involves using the hand or small instruments to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. This treatment aims to restore joint movement that has been earlier restricted by poor sitting postures. Chiropractic treatment helps the body heal itself, reducing the risks of undergoing spinal surgeries and medications.

Another treatment that is very similar to Chiropractic Treatment is Physical Therapy. And this is usually the recommendation for sciatica pain as it involves several rehabilitation exercises that teach the body to move in a way that doesn’t compress the sciatic nerve. However, a patient feeling lower back pain may have to go through surgery. At the same time, he gets physical therapy in the recovery time after surgery.


We have considered how sitting for long or with bad posture at the office can cause lower back pain. We have also seen how the pain can be relieved by the unique procedures of chiropractic treatment. However, it behooves to remind you that prevention is better than cure. So, stand up and take a walk break at intervals, at least 3,000 steps a day – it would be a shrewd decision to make.

How Exercise Benefits Memory

  • elderly couple riding bikes memory health exercise

Exercise has many known benefits; including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but many of us did not know just how exercise benefits memory.

Yes its true, research has shown that people who actively engage in physical activity have better brain health. How exercise benefits memory is key to aging and lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise and The Brain

Imagine a way to improve brain function, memory and overall wellness, drug free. Therefore, All you need is a good pair of shoes and a little motivation. Yes, exercise is a great, all natural way to boost your memory and slow down the aging process of the brain.

Exercise Stress and Memory

Stress directly impacts the brain in a negative way. How exercise benefits memory and brain function is by reducing stress allowing the brain to function optimally.

The affects that stress and anxiety have on your brain can be damaging. In addition to worrying and the inability to rest will leave you drained and unable to retain new information. How exercise benefits memory in this instance is to relieve anxiety. Exercise is the healthy way to reduce stress and the toll it places on the brain and body. Therefore, By engaging in routine exercise we improve brain function and improve memory storage.

Healthy Body Healthy Brain

Memory is formed in the brain. So it makes sense that a healthy brain will improve memory function. Routine Physical Exercise accompanied with a good diet and sleep all play a vital role in the health of the brain. Each of these have an effect on the other and are key to memory wellness.

Best Exercise For Brain Health

Don’t wait to exercise. You may not know which one you will like best to start. Put your running shoes on and go. A brisk walk, jog or run may be right for you in addition to a bike ride or swim. There is not just one option. The possibilities are endless, as are the rewards. Above all, have fun and enjoy the experience. You don’t have to beat down your body to improve brain function. For instance, The physical exercise can be moderate and enjoyable, like a walk or bike ride.

The main thing is to get out and move. Therefore, Take time out from your hectic daily routine, exercise and let go of the stress. By doing this you will experience just how exercise benefits memory health. Dr Bond Thomas of St Petersburg is a wellness professional who offers guided plans for all ages. Interested in a healthier life and not sure how to get started? We encourage you to contact our office and schedule a consultation:  727-522-1900



Benefits of Family Exercise

  • family exercising together outside

The benefits of family exercise are far more than just better health. The bonding time is priceless not to mention teaching your kids great habits. Exercising as a family can also be lots of fun, if done right. Don’t be pushy, just lead by example and good things will happen.

Family Exercise Is Fun

Spending time together is the best part of family exercise. Whether its a competitive setting or just a walk in the park together, its a time to enjoy each other and bond. If you live in the city it’s OK, there are plenty of sidewalks, stores and parks. If there is a will there is a way. In addition exercising can be done almost anywhere.

Health Benefits Of Family Exercise

Exercising as a family is great for your health. Of course every parents wants the best for their children and health is most important. The great news is you can make a huge impact with family exercise. Great for the heart and as a deterrent to disease, exercise is a great way to ensure your family is spending quality time together. Family exercise is also a great way to reduce stress of everyday life.

Family Exercise Ideas

Regardless of age there are many options for family exercise. Swimming is a great choice during the summer. Find a pool or the beach and hop in. Swimming is great for cardio and also low impact on the joints. There are plenty of great games you can play while you exercise in water. Tag, laps, and many others. Walking or jogging as a family is great exercise. A good pace will get the heart rate up and promote overall health for everyone. Dance classes are a great way to exercise as a family. Dancing is a lot of fun and a great way to let loose. Your kids will love it and will cherish the time.

Encourage Exercise

As a parent its important that we don’t force exercise on our kids. Start out with one form of exercise and experiment. If your family enjoys one but not the other eliminate one. Let it be a family choice and take turns choosing ways to have fun. Exercising as a family will create life long habits. Making sure that the choices are fun and healthy will ensure they will last. Bond Thomas wellness plans are geared for individuals and families alike.

Make Time For Family Exercise

All of us lead very busy lives. Our days are hectic and stressful. Exercise is the key to decompressing, especially when shared with family. The problem is that we come home stressed and want to sit down. Avoiding this is a must. Once you sit down it is a heck of a lot harder to get back up and get motivated again. Instead of sitting grab the family and get outside. Exercise often re energizes! Like a second wind. Life can drain your energy sometimes, but fight the urge to sit still. In addition the health of your family and the joy you will get will be well worth it. The benefits of family exercise are a reward all in there own. Get up and get going !

New Year Wellness Plan

Bring in the New Year with a New Year Wellness Plan that is perfect for you. It happens every year at this time. People set health goals and have every intention to stick with them. The problem is they do not prioritize their new found health plan and it soon gets set aside. Work, family and other commitments take priority and goals take a back seat. It’s time to make your wellness goals a priority and make the time to take care of you.

A Wellness Plan For The New Year

Setting goals is great, but without a plan the goals are hard to reach. Think about what you want to accomplish and fit it in.

Put your schedule on paper will give you a visual. With a visual, it lets you accurately plan things out. Eating, exercise, reading and more. Now go through your list of goals one at a time and prioritize them.

Eating Healthy This New Year

If eating healthier is one of your New Year goals, you are not alone. Eating healthy starts with more fruits and vegetables during your meals. As if we didn’t know this already, fruits and vegetables are great for disease prevention. Use these to replace the unhealthy alternatives, chips, cookies and other garbage snack foods.

Keep healthy snacks handy. Doing this will help keep you from eating fried or salty snacks.

Try new healthy foods. If your list of health foods is small, open up to the endless world of healthy alternatives.

If you dont like something new eliminate it. Make sure to try it first though. This will ensure you never run out of foods to eat and get bored.

Make sure to drink plenty of water every day. This will ensure that no matter how much exercise you do, you stay hydrated. Water flushes toxins, is great for the skin, and is great for increased energy. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water and you will be set.

Mental Wellness For The New Year

Mental health has to be a priority and is often put on the back burner. Set a time during the day when you can just shut the mind down. Even if its only for 15 minutes, it will do wonders for your health and focus. Create an area where you can go and be alone. Peace and quiet away from the daily routine is the goal.

Relaxing music   

Music is a great tool for mental health. Listening to music can lead to stress reduction, and make for a healthier life. Therefore, Grab a good pair of headphones and create a music list that you enjoy. In addition, Keep your tunes near and listen anytime you can. Training, work break, cooking or just to clear the mind. Music is a wonderful way to get away from a busy lifestyle. Add music to your new year wellness plan and notice the difference.

There are so many ways to have a happy and healthy 2020. Exercise, reading, join groups with same interest people and eating are just a few. If you find you lack motivation and need direction, Bond Thomas can help. Known for the individualized wellness plans he creates for his patients, he is available to consult with you.

Change can often be hard for us to do. Whether it’s a new job, new relationship or a big move. A winning wellness plan incorporates change in a healthy way. How to deal with it and not get stressed out is a key to success. Bond Thomas and his team offer expertise and support to keep you on track with the new wellness plan.

Remember a wellness plan is suppose to benefit you in many ways. If you miss a step or struggle at times don’t worry, its natural. The main thing is to see what works best and makes you feel better and healthier. The goal won’t happen overnight, but if you stick with the plan good things will happen.



Healthy Holiday Eating

  • healthy holiday eating

The holidays are upon us and for many of us this means Food, Family and more Food. Our Healthy holiday eating plan should keep your stomach full without the added weight gain. Eat on read on and enjoy the holidays.

Healthy Holiday Eating Without The Sacrifice

The healthy holiday eating temptation begins with Halloween and doesn’t end until after New Year’s Day. From tons of candy to pie, turkey and cookies the calories can add up quickly. This doesn’t have to be the end of the healthy fit body that you worked so hard to get.  Many people get away from their wellness plans during the holidays and wait til they are over to start again. This is a major problem and is the last thing you should do.  Eating healthy during the holidays and maintaining your wellness goals is very doable.

Don’t starve yourself to make room for the big dinner or party. Never go hungry. Make sure to eat something before our dinner or event. It can be a small meal or snack that has some protein. By doing this you will avoid over eating all at once, which is not good at all. Sure we all want to stuff ourselves when we see the never ending table of delicious food waiting. Trust me; you will be glad you didn’t, and so will your physique.

Make sure to drink lots of water during the holidays. Keeping yourself hydrated with water will keep you from mistaking food and water. By doing this you will prevent overeating during the holidays. If you like to enjoy a mixed drink or two, remember they most likely are high in sugar. Avoid dehydration limit sugar intake by alternating your drinks with a glass of water.

Don’t Overeat and Take a Break

Healthy holiday eating requires that you know when to say when. Overeating until you can’t move has probably happened to all of us at least once. However, this is the last thing we should do and not high on the list of wellness plans. Remember that the brain takes about 20 minutes or so to let the stomach know that you have had enough. Eating less food per sitting and spreading out your holiday meals throughout the day will keep your furnace burning calories and will help from overeating.

Eat Small and Sample

Most of us eat because we love the taste of the food we eat. We don’t just eat to eat. While you enjoy the meals and different foods this holiday season, take time to enjoy them. In addition, make sure to sample the holiday treats that have been prepared. Doing so will keep you from overeating and provide a lot more enjoyment.

Healthy Holiday Eating Can Be Enjoyable

The Holidays are a time to have fun. Enjoy the season with family and friends as you sit down to eat. Keep these healthy holidays eating tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about getting back on track. Eating in moderation is a great way to make sure you get to taste everything without busting the belt. Need help creating a healthy holiday eating plan? Call Bond Thomas Chiropractic to schedule a consultation: 727-522-1900


Sleeping For Optimal Health

  • woman sleeping for optimal wellness

Most people enjoy getting a good nights rest and feeling energized throughout the day. Sleeping for optimal health is key for many reasons that we will discuss in length here. During sleep many things are happening to our bodies. We re energize, heal and strengthen. Sleep is essential for optimal wellness and without it we could not function. We encourage you to read on, but hey if you get a little sleepy, feel free to take a nap and continue after.

Why Sleeping For Optimal Health Is Important

Sleep plays a key role in the retention of information. We take in enormous amounts of information as we go about our day. During sleep we store memories and sort information in a unique way. Transferring info from short to long term memory happens when we get a good night sleep. Long periods of sleep help our bodies to repair and hormones to synthesize.

As far as wellness is concerned, sleep is as essential as eating well and exercising. Make sure you are sleeping for optimal health on a daily or nightly basis.

Here are some of the benefits to a good nights rest:

Concentration at work – The more you sleep the more apt you are to take in and retain important information.

Lower risk of heart disease – Getting a good nights rest on the regular, lessens your chance of getting heart disease. With regular sleep patterns and a solid night sleep you can reduce the chances of sleep-related conditions such as apnea and promote better overall heart health. Lack of sleep has been associated with bad blood pressure and cholesterol, which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Depression – Those who cant sleep (Insomniacs) including others that don’t sleep enough, are ten times as likely to develop major depression as those who sleep through the night. Sleep impacts many of the chemicals in your body, including serotonin. Those with serotonin deficiencies are more likely to suffer from depression.

Weight Gain – Missing out on sleep and staying up all hours often lead to bad eating habits. Overall wellness is impacted with the combination of sleep deprivation and weigh gain.

Sleep Reduces Inflammation – Inflammation is thought to cause the body to deteriorate as we age. Stress increase hormones raise the inflammation levels in our body. This happens when we don’t get enough rest.

Health and Healthy Emotions

The importance of our emotional well being is directly effected by the amount of sleep we get. A lack of sleep often leads to a bad mood and a person being on edge, often snapping at the slightest of things. This often has a negative effect on your daily routine, including the people you come in to contact, including loved ones.

Sleep improves Brain Function:

Lack of sleep is hard on the brain. Attention, memory and attention are all significantly affected. The brain has a chance to perform important functions that are essential for optimal health. Sleep helps the brain to processes complex stimuli during sleep, and uses this information to make decisions while awake. Therefore sleep as it relates to the brain, plays a key role in learning.
Ever pull an all night study session cramming for a test? Chances are it did more damage then good.

Sleeping for optimal health is not just something to consider, its essential. Make time for rest and you will feel better and therefore live better. From creativity to memory and muscle repair, sleep is the key ingredient that you cannot function without.  Our team of wellness experts at  Bond Thomas Chiropractic offer personalized wellness plans. In addition to fitness and diet, are the benefits of a good nights sleep.

Vacation Benefits For Wellness

  • vacation benefits for wellness father daughter

Daydreaming of a Vacation? Not only are they fun but vacation benefits for wellness are numerous. The biggest may be just getting away from work and the constant demands of everyday life. Something that’s impossible to do on a day to day basis.

If you have been thinking about taking a vacation, now would be a perfect time to get away and relax. The benefits are both physical and mental, so stop what your doing and start planning your get away.

Most people don’t take all of their vacation days. With that said, people are overworked and stressed with everyday life. In addition, Not taking personal time out to relax is unhealthy and causes stress and other physical problems. Therefore, These stressors can lead to relationship problems, personal and professional hardships.

Vacation Benefits For Wellness

Stress reduction – This is the best reason to take a break. Take your mind off of all the things that stress you out on a daily basis and you will be rewarded with a healthier you. For instance, Regular vacations reduce stress taking people out of the situations that they relate to stressors.

Vacations Restore Energy To The Body – Getting away for a needed break can rejuvenate and instill a new fire. These are mandatory of you want long term success in the workplace.

Vacations Make Life Enjoyable – See places you have never been and make memories with the people you care about the most.

Vacations Calm The Mind – Is your mind always racing? 100 thoughts a second and can’t sleep? A vacation can take your mind off of those details and give you peace. Book a vacation and get some much needed peace for your think tank.

Vacation Benefits For Sleep

If you enjoy a good nights sleep you are not alone. Many people spend countless hours tossing and turning throughout the night. Work, family, relationships, money and more seem to occupy thoughts. In addition, A vacation can disrupt bad sleep habits and reset a healthy normal pattern. If you find yourself stressed and unable to get a good nights sleep, it may be time for a much needed vacation.

Vacation Wellness Schedule

If you already plan out your week, month and year you are way ahead of the game. Now its time to add your vacations to your schedule. Just like shopping and going to the bank or gym, schedule in that vacation. Quarterly, yearly, whatever it is make sure to fit it in and stick to it. Once the vacation is in your schedule—even if it is six months down the road you can organize around it.

Therefore, Vacations need to be viewed as doctor visits. They are a must for a good wellness routine. Put them on the schedule  regularly and take them. The Vacation benefits for wellness are a must.

Wellness Benefits Of Reading

  • girl reading book by river for wellness

Wellness is all about total self care, in every shape and form. The wellness benefits of reading go far beyond what you might think. Reading is a healthy activity challenges your mind, and will benefit your health and well-being in many ways.

The gym for your muscles, running for you heart, yoga for relaxation and sleep for recuperation. These are all great and should be done routinely. Reading is another activity that included with those mentioned, will benefit your mental health, challenge your mind, and often you learn something you didn’t know by picking up a book and reading it. The wellness benefits of reading are many, as you will see.

Reading For Wellness Benefits and Your Health

Feeling overwhelmed and need to get away? Oh wait, this is real life and I can’t just get up and go on vacation. Reading helps to relieve stress and promotes relieve stress and promotes better sleep.
You can get away from your stress by picking up a good book. Immerse yourself in the story and get away. You will find that you soon forget about things that may have caused stress.

When was the last time you read a book, or a good magazine article? The wellness benefits of reading are plentiful. Picking up a book and Reading should be part of your daily wellness routine. Choose topics you like and others that you want to learn about. Change it up a little and learn something new. The beauty is, if you don’t like a book, put it down and start another.

You can read anywhere

Not only is reading good for our health, but its easy and convenient. You can throw a book in your car, gym bag, purse or backpack. Books can be read on airplanes, cars (if you aren’t driving). Almost anywhere you go, you can bring a book to read.

Reasons To Read Everyday

– Reading stimulates the brain. Like everything else , the brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy. Daily reading keeps the mind sharp, focused and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

– Stress Reduction. As we stated before, an engaging book will take you away from the issues that stress you out. Reading provides a much needed escape from our daily lives. A healthy escape that promotes overall wellness.

– Comprehension and education. Reading is a tool that will provide you with information. The knowledge gained from this information can be very beneficial in many circumstances. Get smart and healthy at the same time. Now that is what I call a win win situation.

Reading Benefits The Mind and More

– Improving Memory. Reading requires focus. The focus enables you to retain facts, plots and situations in the book in order to follow along.

– Improve Emotional Health. Books will make us feel our emotions. From happy to sad, from pleasure to pain. A good book will pull you in and make you feel.

– Appreciate Alone Time. If you are a book lover, you enjoy the times when you curl up alone, with a good read. With a book you are really never alone. You can carry them wherever you want and read them whenever you want.

Grab A Book For Wellness

The wellness benefits of reading are almost to good to be true. From mental stimulation to relief of stress, books are a powerful resource. If you are looking for new ways to increase your overall wellness, grab a book. Keep one with you at all times and when you feel the need, read. Wellness comes in many ways, don’t underestimate the power of reading. The wellness benefits of reading will last you a lifetime.

Teaching Kids To Eat Healthy

  • wellness for kids

When it comes to kids health one of the toughest tasks for parents is teaching kids to eat healthy. Sure It can be tough getting your kids to eat a healthy diet, but the reward is worth the effort.

There are so many reasons why kids don’t eat healthy. Maybe they are picky eaters, rushed lifestyle, lack of choices and so on. There are so many things that we as parents can do to improve our children’s diet and make sure we are teaching kids to eat healthy.


As parents the first thing we must do is know what our kids are putting in their bodies. If we haven’t read labels of done research, don’t buy it. If your child is old enough teach them about bad ingredients, too much sugar, fried foods, help them understand that some things just aren’t good for them. Make sure our kids have a say in what we put in the fridge and on the table. Kids love choices and being able to participate in decisions involving what they eat. Let your child be a part of their healthy eating routine. This will follow them as the years go by.

Kids Can Cook Too

If your child can be a part of choosing what they eat, why cant they be a part of preparing the food also? Maybe they cant make the entire thanksgiving day dinner for the family, but they can be guided and successful with meal preparation. Let them
help prepare vegetables, fruits, meats and pasta. Encourage creativity and let them choose what healthy foods to eat. They will learn what is healthy and which are treats.

Teaching Kids To Eat Health Everyday

Want to make sure your kids are eating healthy day in and day out, regardless of whoever who they are with? Make sure to give them healthy eating choices throughout the day. Let them choose what to eat and what not to eat. Make sure to passively introduce new foods, and never force a child to eat what they do not want. If they have eaten enough let them leave the rest. The habits of healthy eating, choosing and knowing when they are done will carry with them and instill confidence.

Make Eating Fun For Kids

Meal time is a time to share, laugh and enjoy the food that is there in front of you. Stick with the plan and eventually your kids will embrace the healthy choices. Most of all make the eating experience fun and remember teaching kids to eat healthy is all about modeling. After all they look to you, their parent as the person who knows what to do. That goes for eating and food choices too. For the best wellness results Have fun, eat up and laugh.

Benefits of Exercise

  • benefits of exercise

The benefits of exercise are more than just pumping up the muscles that we can see. Exercising works the heart improving cardio and increases the blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain.

Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise is great for the brain and will increase its function immediately. Becoming more alert and the ability to focus are just some of the added benefits. Being told something is good for us without knowing or experiencing why does not provide the motivation for some. Here are some of the added benefits when you exercise routinely:

Weight Management- Working out and exercising on a regular basis will burn calories resulting in weight loss. Cut out the T.V and sitting in front of the computer and get moving.

Increased Energy- Exercising and energy levels are directly related. The more you exercise the more energy you will have.

Lower blood pressure- A healthy heart increases blood flow and reduces stress. If you have high blood pressure, cardiovascular exercise may help lower it. If you don’t have high blood pressure, exercise may help prevent it from rising as you age.

Everyone has reasons why they exercise. Some want to lose weight, others do it for blood pressure, or to prevent disease or to fit in to that new pair of jeans.

Benefits of Exercise For The Brain

The brain reaps many rewards from the hard work your body puts in when you exercise. Memory and the ability to think are both enhanced greatly when exercise is part of your routine. In addition to Stimulating growth factors, the health of brain cells and new blood vessels all rewarded through exercise. With dementia on the rise throughout the world, brain health is as important as ever.

Exercise For Weight Loss

If reducing fat is your goal exercise will help you get there. A regular exercise program of aerobic and strength training will burn calories and speed up your metabolism. There are many activities that can help you shred the pounds. Therefore, Pick an activity and stick to it, swimming, running, biking and joining a local gym all will help you get to where you need to be.

There are so many options out there for fitness. If a crowded gym isn’t your thing, try boot camp, yoga, Pilates, cardio dance, aerial silks, rock climbing, kickboxing, CrossFit, Spinning or join a group that trains for half-marathons if running is more your speed.

Plan For Daily Exercise

Don’t have time to go to the gym or run everyday? You can still work a fitness plan in to your daily routine. Walk faster, get up out of your chair more often, In addition to eating  healthier, stretching, using stairs not elevators, push ups, squats and keep coming up with ways to challenge your activity level. Remember the benefits of exercise are a change that will reap benefits for life. You don’t have to make drastic changes, just slowly implement exercise into your lifestyle and watch as the positive changes take place.

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