Dynamic Wellness with Dr Bond at our St Petersburg facility. Dr Bond’s approach is to eliminate pain and stimulate progress within each individual. He takes the time to speak with each patient, assess and create a plan for success.

Dr Bond understands that each patient has different needs. At our wellness facility, we look at the needs of each individual and compose a custom plan just for you. Our programs are designed to help patients eliminate pain, recover from injury, gain strength and flexibility and improve diet. In addition, we look to incorporate activities that reduce stress and improve the quality of life.

Through our approach to Dynamic,  Wellness we actively treat persons of all ages and walks of life. From newborns to senior citizens, our customized plans will improve your quality of life and have you on the right track to living your best life.

We look forward to providing you with a dynamic plan for a lifestyle that involves all aspects of wellness.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic

Dr. Bond Thomas is a highly experienced chiropractor who offers a wellness approach to chiropractic treatment. Dr. Bond Thomas and his team take great pride in specialized treatment for each patient. Doctor Bond uses diverse chiropractic techniques, exercise and, nutrition to help patients reach their health and wellness goals while finding relief from pain. A unique chiropractor, Dr. Bond and his St. Petersburg team welcome patients of all ages at their friendly Pinellas office.

Located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, on 16th Street North the staff at Bond Thomas Chiropractic is dedicated to helping men, women and children in our community achieve their health and wellness goals by providing expert Chiropractic treatment for people of all ages. We are delighted that you have found us, and we hope that you will find our website helpful and informative as you explore drug-free, non-surgical treatments for back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, sciatica, headaches, migraines, and more. Dr. Bond Thomas offers professional chiropractic treatment for auto accidents, personal injury, spine and neck injuries as well as preventative therapy.

We have treated thousands of patients with conditions ranging from whiplash to scoliosis, herniated disks to sciatica, and have had remarkable success with conditions arising from car accident injuries, sports injuries, work injuries, repetitive stress injuries, slip and falls, and more. Bond Thomas is an expert St. Pete chiropractor with the belief that fitness is a lifelong process. Each individual treated by Bond and his chiropractic team will experience healing and wellness through the most natural ways possible, ensuring long-term benefits.

Bond Thomas is an active member of the community and is proud to offer his expertise to treat patients in his St. Petersburg office. The staff at Bond Thomas Chiropractic provides a welcoming and gentle approach to treatment, with the primary goal of pain relief and comfort for each patient. Knowing that each patient chiropractic needs are different, we do a thorough examination and consultation with each patient to assure that we provide treatment that meets individual needs. As an expert St. Pete Chiropractor It’s not just about making the pain disappear. As your St. Pete chiropractor we want to get to the cause of the pain and improve your nervous system naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.

If you or someone you know have suffered an injury and are experiencing pain, our staff is here to help you. We are dedicated to the treatment of the St. Petersburg community, with spinal adjustments and therapy to eliminate pain and provide a quick recovery from injuries. Our chiropractor and staff will ensure that your health is our top priority.

Gentle Chiropractic Techniques

VibraCussor delivers waves of percussive impulses deep into body tissues. The repetitive pumping action is ideal for releasing fascial restrictions, treating trigger points, relaxing muscles, and releasing joints. with trademark symbol.
Instead of the traditional thrust by hand, this handheld instrument introduces the precise, gentle energy needed for optimum correction. Patients appreciate that we can avoid the twisting, turning or cracking of joints.

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