Benefits Of Being Outdoors

Benefits Of Being Outdoors

  • benefits of being outdoors

The benefits of being outdoors are many and essential for both mental and physical health. Before going directly into the benefits stop and think what some of the healthy activities we can do outdoors? Outdoor activities could comprise of exercises like hiking, biking, sightseeing, or meditation. In addition you may wish to participate in an outdoor sports program. Being outdoors and enjoying nature is a key part of overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. The eyes can behold beauty, the feet can scale new heights, and the hands can collect substances in nature. Now, what are the medical benefits of being outdoors?

Benefits of Being Outdoors and Sleep

Being outdoors benefits the sleep cycle by switching out artificial lights for natural lights. Artificial lights from digital gadgets are credited with upsetting the quality of sleep. Sleep becomes discomforted with artificial lights. On the other hand, the subtlety of natural light sets the frequency of your body’s biological processes to that of nature. Hence, your sleep becomes better and quite often longer.

How Does Being Outdoors Relieve Stress?

Being outdoors is considered the “dope” for stress and all-round mental health. If you feel stressed, step out in a second, and the stress, anxiety, or depression, drastically depreciates. One can trace the direct link between nature and mental health to cortisol (a stress hormone). When you step into nature, cortisol is acted upon by the happiness hormone – endorphin. Alongside the excitement in nature, there are often many ways to get lost and forget about the worries of life.

Does Being Outdoors Give You Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D?

Many people still think it is a myth that the morning kisses of the sun are the vital “vitamin D.” As much as your orange juice, yolk, salmon, and so on can be a good source of vitamin D, being outdoors also gives you a substantial dose of vitamin D. With these daily doses, one is less likely to be fatigued, have bone pains, or feel weaknesses around the muscle. Furthermore, you are practicing good wellness by doing what you can to prevent cancer, stroke, and even heart attack by boosting natural sources of vitamin D.

Does Being Outdoors Boost Your Energy?

It is true that if you want to give your energy a boost, you should spend more time outdoors. The creative impulses are often at the highest when surrounded by nature. And because of longer sleep and more activities, you are burning more calories which means more energy for your body. Another place where an energy boost is necessary is in the brain. In addition to energized body and brain functions, being outdoors is good for balanced visual energy.

Any Time of the Year 

There are many outdoor activities one can join as an individual or a group. Each of these activities is beneficial in itself. Being outdoors is an added bonus as it provides a healthy setting for activities and peace. The breath of nature’s fresh air is good the lungs, the mind and the soul. No matter what time of the year being outdoors is advantageous to a healthy emotional, mental and physical you. Need help designing a wellness plan that is right for you? Call Bond Thomas Chiropractic to schedule a consultation: 727-522-1900

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