Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits Of Stretching

The benefits of stretching are plentiful and are for everyone regardless of age. Stretching is not just for athletes or those who exercise. Stretching will have a positive impact on your lifestyle and daily routine. In addition, Frequent stretching will improve your blood flow, energy and attitude. Good stretches are beneficial to everyone. If you can incorporate stretching into your daily routine you will notice a healthier pain free life.

Here are some major benefits you can get from stretching:

Stretching Increases Your Flexibility 

  • Tight muscles and creaky joints are signs that your body needs stretching. Good stretches help the muscles to be less tensed and relaxed. With this, you are less likely to experience aches when you carry out physical activities, as the muscles are more loosened. However, flexibility cannot be attained in a day. Be consistent with your stretching routine and involve every part of your body.
  •    Increases Your Range of Motion: As we age, we tend to experience more difficulty moving our joints, especially the hips and knees. This affects our day-to-day activities. Although not all joints move a lot, they must stay flexible to maintain a healthy injury free state. Stretching allows the synovial fluid responsible for coating joint surfaces to circulate and prevent diseases like arthritis.

Benefits Of Stretching: Blood-flow

  • Increases Blood Flow to Your Muscles: We tend to spend long hours behind our computers, attending to business all day. This makes us prone to chronic ailments associated with poor blood circulation, like stroke. Performing body stretches makes your muscles press on the arteries; the body then releases chemicals that expand the arteries for more blood to enter. If you have mobility problems and can’t easily exercise, consistent stretching of your legs helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Improves Posture: One fascinating thing about stretching is that it can be modified to suit you. If you sit for long periods and it has affected posture, stretching can correct it. Stretching strengthens the muscles of the shoulders and lower back, putting your back in better alignment. Done daily you will notice the positive change and your body will thank you

Benefits of Stretching: Pain Free and Less Stress

  • Helps to Heal and Prevent Back Pain: It is quite normal to feel pains and soreness after workouts. As a post-workout activity, stretching can speed up the healing process of sore muscles if done properly. While back pain is common, engaging in stretches over time serves as prevention against such tension that may arise due to constant strain on the muscles and ligaments. In addition:
  • Relieves Stress: Our body and muscles are usually tensed due to the strain and tension we experience in our day-to-day activities. Therefore, Stretching after a long day at work helps in the production of endorphins which stimulate relaxation. After stretching, the muscles are usually relaxed, and a signal is sent to the brain to reduce mental stimulation.

Remember Stretching:  

Stretching may not be as exciting as exercising or sport activities, but it will surely help with injury prevention. In addition it will contribute to longevity and a happier life.

If you don’t have stretching as a part of your daily routine, it is time you add it. Need help getting started with a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle?

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