Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming

The benefits of swimming come from aerobic, strengthening and with no impact on the joints. One of the reasons swimming is so effective is that it activates core muscles while performing even the most basic movements. Want a complete body workout without impact and risk of injury? Hop in the pool and start swimming. Read on as we discuss why swimming is a great option for any wellness routine.

Low Impact Benefits Of Swimming

A Low impact exercise that can be adapted to any program, swimming is fun, and can be done at any age. High impact exercise puts the body and joints at risk. Swimming is a zero to low impact exercise that uses water for resistance. While swimming the muscles build strength and flexibility is increase. All of this is done in a completely natural way through the motions in the water.

Lap Swimming For Health

When you hop in the pool you enter a whole new world. The water has a way of taking your mind off of everything. Hit some laps and reap the benefits physically and mentally:

– increased endurance
– improved cardiovascular health
– lower blood pressure
– increased range of motion -flexibility
– helps with weight
– balance
– reduces fall risk
– great for stress relief

Exercise the Entire Body With Swimming

Did we mention what a great exercise swimming is for the body?

It is! In fact, swimming is a great total body workout for anyone that hops in and gets moving. When you swim it engages all of the muscles from major groups. While swimming we use arms, legs, core, and our body naturally balances itself while in the water.

Cardiovascular Fitness In The Water

Sure you can put the running shoes on and hit the road. The problem with regular running is stress on on the body. Stress leads to breakdown and injury. Swimming gives you a great cardio workout without the stress and injury risk. Cardiovascular exercise involves the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. There are many ways to get a great cardio workout, but swimming is the only one with zero impact.

Benefits Of Swimming at Any Age

One of the best things about swimming is
that is can be done at any age. There are many exercises that can only be done by certain ages or with a skill level. Swimming can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime. The low impact exercise is truly unique and can be enjoyed through every stage of life. Another benefit is that you can swim alone or in a group. There are no restrictions when it comes to the benefits of swimming.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have a pool, go online and find the one closest to you. Living in St Pete, we are surrounded by pools and beautiful bodies of water. There is never a better time to start than right now.

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