Cardio Fitness

Cardio Fitness

A good cardio fitness workout will elevate the heart rate, improve lung capacity, and help you shred the pounds. Sprints, interval training, boxing, rows, kickboxing are all great for cardio and overall health. With your workout make sure to warm up, cool down and hydrate.

Strength training and cardio in the same workout will benefit you in many ways. Intervals give you a time to slow the pace. Instead grab some light weights and pump out some reps, or use body weight exercise such as push ups to maximize the interval training.

Change The Scenery

If you find that your workout is becoming stale or routine, take your cardio fitness training outdoors. Sure this seems simple but it can make all the difference. If boredom has set in, the change of scenery could put some pep in your step and up the energy needed for a great workout. St Petersburg is surrounded by beaches, parks, stairs and bike trails. All you need to do now is go outside and get moving.

Music For Workouts

Have you ever noticed that your energy reflects the music that you are listening to? Slow and relaxing music is not what you want on while you try to get the heart rate up. Make sure the playlist you have set to go for your workout reflects the energy you want to have. Change your playlist often and keep it fresh. A good cardio fitness training program and motivational music will do a lot for your next training session.

Change The Pace

The overall health and wellness benefits of changing up speeds during training can not be over stated. Your heart will reap the benefits of increased speed during your next run. Running on a treadmill is great for speed change. Sure the treadmill may seem boring, but use it to benefit your training with changes in incline and speeds.

Cardio Fitness Tips For Health

These Cardio Fitness tips for overall health can change the way you approach your workouts and change your life.
Remember to Exercise regularly and do good warm ups and cool downs. Walking, biking, jogging and swimming are all good for the heart. Maintain a healthy diet that includes grains, fruits and vegetables and legumes. Limit the amount of fats, oils, fried and sweets and be consistent. Good cardio fitness training isn’t just a once a week thing, it is a lifestyle. It may take you a while to adapt, but the body amazing, and it will happen.

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