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Natural Ankle Pain Treatment at Bond Thomas Chiropractic in St Petersburg, Florida.

For athletes and non athletes twisting or spraining the ankle is the most common reason for soreness or pain in the ankle area. Injury to the ankle area can vary in degree, pain, treatment and rehabilitation.

If you have ankle pain that persists for more than a week it is always best to consult with a truetd Doctor. Dr Bond Thomas and his staff provide expert all natural ankle treatment in their state of the art facility, located in the heart of St Petersburg, Florida.

Many Causes for Ankle Pain:

– One of the most common injuries we see to the ankle is when it is turned inward. This occurs quite frequestly in the game of Basketball when a person jumps and lands on another persons shoe. Sometimes a break in the ankle may occur and other times damage to ligaments are the result.

-Falls that may cause your ankle to twist

-Odd landing with high impact

-Walking or exercising on surfaces that are uneven or unstable

-Having your foot stepped on during activity

Great Tips for Avoiding Ankle Injuries:

Ankle injuries are not always avoidable. There are however some ways that we can minimalize the risk we have to ankle injuries.

– Always make sure to warm up before any event, exercise or sports participation.

– Pay attention to the surfaces you are on and your immediate surroundings.

– Make sure to wear support devices when you have a weak ankle

– Maintain good muscle strength and flexibility.

An injured ankle should be evaluated by an expert. Setting an appointment with Dr Bond at Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St Petersburg will ensure you receive prompt, professional treatment for your ankle injury. Our Chiropractic ankle therapy will reduce ankle inflammation and decrease the pain you are experiencing. Once healed Dr Bond will develop an exercise plan to strengthen and increase mobility of your ankle. Proper ankle injury treatment will greatly decrease the risk of injury to the ankle down the road.

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