Chiropractic Care: Pulled Muscle versus Pinched Nerve

Chiropractic Care: Pulled Muscle versus Pinched Nerve

Maintaining optimal levels of health is important to St. Petersburg residents, which is why so many people use chiropractic care to both treat and prevent various health issues. There are countless benefits to this holistic form of medicine; not only it is safe and effective, but it is often much more affordable, convenient and longer-lasting than other alternatives.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

At Bond Thomas of St. Petersburg, we always go above and beyond to help our patients understand the cause of their injuries and ailments, and the best methods to implement in caring for and treating the issue. If you recently woke up with a stiff neck, think you have pulled a muscle from a strenuous activity, or think a nerve may have been pinched from something like a car accident, it is imperative you seek chiropractic care as soon as possible. One of the worst mistakes you can make is assuming it is something that will just get better with time, and will most likely heal on its own.

Nerves and muscles are two of the most common, and easily, damaged parts of the body. Whether it is in a limb, your neck, back, or other region, damaging a muscle or nerve can cause severe pain and prevent you from performing even the simplest tasks. And because your muscles and joints are so sensitive, the approach you take in treating and caring for them is crucial—both in making sure it heals correctly and in preventing the same thing from happening again.

Before visiting our chiropractic care clinic in St. Petersburg for professional treatment, it might help to get a better idea of what the issue may be. A pulled muscle and a pinched nerve are easily and often mistaken for one another. But while both may be caused from strenuous activity, a trauma, or simply moving too quickly the wrong way, they are different and knowing how to properly treat the affected area is something one can only do when they know which it is. Below are some tips to help figuring out which it may be:

It’s probably a pulled muscle if…

  • You notice the area has swelling and feels tender when touched
  • You recently over-extended yourself, possibly during a workout, which can cause fibers to tear
  • The pain could be described as a dull aching
  • You don’t feel like the pain is spreading or radiating to other areas of the body

It’s probably a pinched nerve if…

  • The pain could be described as a tingling sensation, or you are experiencing some numbness
  • You feel the pain is radiating to other areas
  • There isn’t much swelling
  • You recently had your body in an awkward position, whether that was sitting, sleeping or sitting at your desk for any period of time
  • You haven’t done any strenuous activity lately

Whether you think you have pinched a nerve, pulled a muscle, or if you are experiencing pain and discomfort for some other reason, contact us today at Bond Thomas in St. Petersburg today to set up an appointment for chiropractic care treatments and to begin healing as quickly as possible!

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