Chiropractic Knee Therapy

Chiropractic Knee Therapy

Chiropractic knee therapy is used to help patients that suffer from pain or soreness for any number of reasons. The knee is a complex joint made up of bones, menisci,ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons. Many of our St Petersburg patients experience pain when they suffer an injury to one or more of these areas.

Injury occurring during sports participation such as football, wrestling, basketball, swimming, baseball, softball, track, judo, jiu-jitsu, tennis, soccer, weigh-lifting, racing, skate boarding, martial arts, golf, bowling and lacrosse are very common and can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

St Petersburg is a great place to live and play. With great weather year round outdoor activity and sports tend to thrive. With all of the activity comes injury, and injury needs treatment. Here are some symptoms that may tell you its time to visit Dr Bond Thomas regarding your knee.

Symptoms of Knee Pain:

The area of the knee that you experience pain will vary depending on the injury.The following are an indication you may have a knee injury:

– Swelling in the knee
– Popping noise when bending
– Heat in knee area. Warm to the touch
– Knee area feels weak or unstable
– Redness and warmth to the touch
– Less than full range of motion in knee

When you have one or more of these symptoms and have tried rest, ice, elevation and compression and still no improvement, it may be time to see a professional. As we discussed prior, knee injuries can happen in a number of ways and can differ in degree and chiropractic knee therapy may be your best option. These are some of the more common types of knee injuries:

Knee Injury Types:

– ACL injury- Surgery may be needed if there is sufficient damage. Cutting at high speed and high impact type of injury

– Torn meniscus- The meniscus can be torn by suddenly twisting your knee while bearing weight on it

– Knee bursitis- the small sacs of fluid that cushion the outside of your knee joint so that tendons and ligaments glide smoothly over the joint.

Knee injuries are common during sports participation and activity, however there are other factors that can leave you vulnerable to a knee injury.

Risk Factors For Knee Injury:

– Previous injury to the knee area
– Lack of Muscle support in knee area
– Overweight. People who are overweight are at risk because of the stress that is constantly on the knee.
– Physical labor – Repetitive motion that stresses the knee joint
– Age- wear and tear

Prevention From Knee Injuries:

– Wear good shoes for running, work and casual use
– Wear knee pads or use a kneeling pad when working on your knees
– Jumping- minimize with age
– Keep your quadriceps muscle strong
– Wear a knee sleeve or brace for support
– weight management
– Strength and flexibility
– Use your brain- think about the exercise or sport you are involved in. Is it a high risk and worth it?

Chiropractic Knee Treatment:

Chiropractic treatment is a great option for knee pain, swelling and injury. Stretching, adjustments, massage and other non invasive techniques that are offered at Bond Thomas Chiropractic, can eliminate pain and increase range of motion.

– Exercise
– Stretching muscles from over-tightening
– Ice often to keep swelling down
– Elevation
– Compression
– Bracing – for joint support
– surgery
– range of motion

Chiropractic Knee Therapy Can Help:

Our sports chiropractor uses adjustments to align the spine and reduce inflammation and get proper blood flow. Routine visits before and after sports participation will ensure that your body is in optimal condition for the stress that it will encounter.

Knee inflammation, pain in your knee and injury to the knee are all reasons to pay your chiropractor a visit. Waiting to long can do more damage and can be prevented. The professionals at Bond Thomas Chiropractic use non invasive chiropractic knee therapy methods to reduce pain and swelling in your knee and improve strength and range of motion.

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