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Chiropractic Services | St. Petersburg
Chiropractic services encourage improved overall wellness in St. Petersburg, as well as an awareness of the connection between symptoms and misalignments. As you learn about spinal structure, it will open your eyes to topics like posture, exercise, nagging injuries, and more.

How Can Chiropractic Services Help?

A chiropractor assists patients by getting to know them, assessing their spine, and discussing their most persistent symptoms. For some, this can include migraines and a limited range of motion. For others, it can look like a bulging disc or a stiff neck. Whether you are facing a dull ache on a daily basis or the cries of a pinched nerve, a chiropractor can make corrections and:

Relieve Discomfort

Most individuals seek chiropractic services for pain relief. They may be facing back or neck discomfort, and this can interfere with their sleeping schedule in St. Petersburg. In other cases, an individual’s employment affects their posture, and they discover that they cannot move their joints and limbs as freely as they used to. By applying adjustments, both manual and tool-based, you can experience immediate alleviation from the tension.

Target the Source of the Problem

All too often, people in St. Petersburg are quick to numb or treat their persistent symptoms with pills. Painkillers, both prescription and over-the-counter, become a daily routine to keep the physical stress at bay. We understand that Pinellas County residents cannot put their lives on hold in the face of pain, but we do encourage them to find healing with chiropractic services.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Bond Thomas, actively assists patients by identifying the source of the issue. A subluxation in the lower back could be making your hips tight, or your work at a computer might lead to a stiff neck from unknowingly leaning forward. Not only can our doctor locate the source of the problem in St. Petersburg, but he can also use chiropractic services to realign your spinal cord.

Correct Misalignments

While most patients seek immediate relief, they return after the initial appointment to correct any misalignments that interfere with their daily routine. The spine affects all of the functions of the body, and no individual is exempt from misalignments. From falling off a bicycle in early age to how a person sits while they are on the couch, your spine changes shape subtly over time until discomfort becomes too great to ignore. Seek treatment instead of enduring aches and strains.

Improve Posture

Chiropractic services aim to improve the patient’s posture, which, in turn, positively affects overall health. It is easy for those in St. Petersburg to assume that they sit up straight and hold their shoulders back, but a computerized postural examination usually reveals crooked hips and a tendency to lean forward at the neck. While stretches and exercises can promote postural improvement, some can only be changed with spinal adjustments from a chiropractor.

Recover From Auto Injuries

No matter the severity, an auto accident usually impacts the spine. Even a tapped bumper is enough to subluxate certain discs and place strain on your back. In higher impact collisions, you are at risk for head injuries, blurred vision, and severe misalignments. After an accident, locate a local chiropractor to schedule an appointment.

Chiropractic Services That Enhance Health

Chiropractic services are not limited to manual adjustments. Our doctor wants patients in St. Petersburg to experience their full range of motion, as well as their full range of wellness.

Enhance Sports Performance

Whether you are a competing or recreational athlete, your body experiences strain when you work out. Misalignments dating back to childhood can affect your present performance, so seek out chiropractic services to correct your alignment and get input on how to improve your athletic performance. No matter how many stretches you do to relieve your tight hips, the condition will return if the cause is rooted in the spine.

A Nutritionist’s Perspective

Alongside your adjustments, you can get dietary input and nutritional counseling from our chiropractor. He believes that healing comes in many forms, including what you eat, how you sleep, the ways you move, and the alignment of your spinal cord. You might want to build bulk or shed some pounds in St. Petersburg. Whatever the case, Dr. Bond Thomas can help you.

Input on Lifestyle Changes

One’s lifestyle contains so many components— personal relationships, social life, dietary intake, work environment, exercise routine, family history, and more. At our facility, we will discuss your initial concerns, be it a sore back or a stiff hip, and we will also delve into methods for enhancing your wellness. It might take the shape of going for a brisk afternoon walk along Beach Drive instead of pouring another cup of coffee. Or perhaps, you will be challenged to turn off your phone an hour before turning in for the night in an aim to achieve better sleep. Whatever your concerns or goals, our chiropractic services team in St. Petersburg can assist you in achieving them!

Bond Thomas for Chiropractic Services

Dr. Bond Thomas is committed to his patients in St. Petersburg, so he makes it easy to receive a variety of treatments at his facility. Instead of making separate appointments in different locations across Pinellas County, you can come to one location for:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Recovery plans for injuries
  • Auto accident complications
  • Weight loss programs
  • And more!

Our chiropractic services are wide-ranging and effective, so make an appointment by calling 727-522-1900. With just one call, you are that much closer to healing!

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