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Bond Thomas- sports injuriesAthletes of all levels who train around St. Petersburg are likely to experience sports injuries eventually. Fortunately, chiropractic care is available to the residents of the area to get you started on the path of recovery and ensure your body is healthy.

Handling existing injuries and preventing potential damage to your body impacts your health directly. If you are suffering from any type of sports injury, it is imperative that you seek chiropractic treatment and physical therapy as soon as possible.

Common Injuries We Can Help

Regular exercise is good for our bodies, but when sports injuries occur, it is important to know where to find treatment options. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, we often see similar injuries we can treat thanks to our drug-free methods. These common sports injuries in St. Petersburg include:

  • Strains and Sprains: Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can get harmed when twisting or other overextensions occur. The tearing of tissues ranges from a few fibers torn or stretched, to severe tear through the full structure. A doctor of chiropractic can perform palpations of the problem area after the swelling is reduced.
  • Tendonitis: Intense training schedules can cause the overuse of a particular joint. The tendons may become inflamed resulting in stinging pain often seen on golfers and tennis players. Trigger point therapy and stretching are just some of the options your doctor may bring up.

Chiropractic treatment of sports injuries in St. Petersburg goes further than treating symptoms. It provides you with a plan to relieve the cause of the pain. Joint manipulation has proven itself as a real way of helping with pain reduction and even speeding up the recovery process of patients.

What to Expect

When St. Petersburg residents visit us at Bond Thomas Chiropractic, and they are suffering from sports injuries, we take the time to create a personalized plan of action. Painkillers are not a long-term solution; however, our physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments are solutions that provide long-term results. Our chiropractor, Dr. Thomas, will help to manage and treat your pain, for long-lasting relief.

Physical therapy for the sports injuries that athletes commonly suffer from provides an alternative to surgeries that are not always necessary. PT will also improve movement, and range of motion, and will lead you to a pain-free life without the help of medications. Keep in mind that no pain does not always mean you are fine. Old injuries that have not been treated properly play an important role in your health.

Knowing what the best treatment options are available to you is great, but knowing how to prevent injuries may be just as important. Chiropractic manipulations along with proper warm-ups and cool-downs, are two of the best ways of ensuring you care for your body. Some other benefits of visiting a chiropractor include improved sleep, increased energy, and a stronger immune system.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic

Dr. Bond Thomas is one of the premier doctors of sports chiropractic around St. Petersburg and he is committed to helping you improve your health through natural ways of caring for your body. With over fourteen years of experience treating patients, you can rest assured you are putting your body in great hands. Our services range from spinal screening and adjustments to nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

If you are in pain because of recent sports injuries, contact a chiropractor as soon as possible. This type of natural care will help you get back into tip-top health sooner than you can expect it. For more information about chiropractic treatment in St. Petersburg, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 727-522-1900.

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