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You may not think you put much strain on your body in St. Petersburg; but the truth is, you do. It doesn’t always take intense activities, like athletics, to create misalignments. In fact, it is often the minor movements and motions you make throughout the day, like how you sit or in which position you sleep. If you feel limited in your day due to aches and pains, consider chiropractic wellness as a path toward improved health. At Bond Thomas, our practice is dedicated to helping you achieve a pain-free lifestyle. Whether you have a bad back, were in a car accident or are struggling with weight management, we can help.   

Making Adjustments: Spinal & Lifestyle

Too many residents of sunny St. Petersburg accept the pain that they live with. Some might think, “This just comes with age” or “I’ll just up my dosage of Ibuprofen.” But these are short-sighted and short-term solutions that aren’t serving you. When you embrace that there are steps you can take toward improving your well-being, you are ready to get well. Bond Thomas’ approach to chiropractic wellness can yield:chiropractic wellness

  • Pain Relief
  • Strong Immune Support
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Mobility

Through a series of spinal adjustments, you can achieve these benefits and improve your health overall. We will give you stretches and exercises that will sustain and enhance the work we’re doing during appointments.

Our aim is to help you feel better and to assist you in making adjustments to your lifestyle. At your initial appointment, we will address more than just your spine and joints. We will discuss what your daily life looks like, the hobbies you participate in, and the stresses you experience. You will have the opportunity to explain your goals to us, and we will work with you to achieve them. Whether you’d like to regain your golf swing, manage your weight better or be able to get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren, you can do these things with the help from professionals at a chiropractic wellness facility in St. Petersburg.

Chiropractic Wellness for Unexpected Injuries

While we enjoy working with individuals who have specific health goals in mind, most of our patients first come to us for chiropractic wellness as a result of unexpected injuries.

Auto Accident Injuries: Car accidents are all too common in the St. Petersburg area, and the damage reaches far beyond your vehicle. The trauma placed on your body can be severe, even in what might seem like a minor fender bender. This is why you must seek medical attention as soon as you can after the event. Auto accidents commonly result in injuries to the:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Brain or Head
  • Soft Tissue

Waiting will delay the healing process, and chiropractic wellness is a great way to realign your spine and help restore your physical well-being.

Sports Injuries: Whether you’re in a competitive sport or are a recreational participant, it is possible for any level of athlete to become injured. You may be focused on returning to the game as soon as you can, but without proper treatment, things can become worse. Playing through the pain won’t serve you, so consult with our chiropractor in St. Petersburg to receive drug-free treatment. You will experience pain relief, and you will also receive physical therapy exercises and stretches to help strengthen your muscles and prevent recurrence.

Get Your Health in Alignment

We know that life isn’t always easy in St. Petersburg, but we also understand that physical pain can be relieved by working with our professionals at Bond Thomas Chiropractic wellness facility. You can make positive changes to your lifestyle through noninvasive, drug-free treatment. Our care is affordable because we accept all major health insurance plans, so don’t delay any longer. Contact Bond Thomas at 727-522-1900 to schedule an appointment!

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