Chiropractic Wellness Tips

Chiropractic Wellness Tips

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Our Chiropractic Wellness Tips are for everyone that wants to improve their lifestyle. We understand that incorporating chiropractic with routine visits is very important for spinal health. We also know that not everyone can make it in every time they feel the need. Follow these tips and incorporate them into your lifestyle for a healthy pain free you.

Best Time To Visit My Chiropractor?

Great question and we get it often. The best answer is to be proactive and make chiropractic visits part of your regimen.

If you visit a chiropractor as part of your regular health routine that is the best possible case scenario. However if you are one of the people that work and play hard, and wait til something doesn’t feel right to go, then this article is for you specifically.

Tips for Chiropractic Wellness

Practice Good Posture: Posture is a developmental process. The more you practice a certain posture the more you adapt it. That means that good posture is something that you have to constantly practice. It also means to avoid bad posture habits. If you catch yourself in bad position, reset and start over.

Good Sleeping Habits

Make sure to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Back problems often come from bad sleeping habits. Make sure the bed is firm and not too soft.

Keep Your Chiropractic Schedule

Show up and let the Chiropractor do his job. Consistency with your chiropractic appointments and sticking to the wellness plan while you are away from the doctor will give you the best and quickest road to recovery.

Chiropractic Wellness Tips: Stretching For Health

As we get older our muscles begin to tighten. This is a natural part of the aging process. Therefore, The bad thing about tightening is that it can inhibit range of motion and cause joint stiffness, making normal day to day activities more difficult.

Weight Management

Weight management is a challenge for many St. Petersburg residents, and some chiropractors offer nutritional counseling services. Our team recommends eating healthy fruits and veggies and eliminating processed foods.

Make sure that you have a balanced nutrition plan and incorporate these tips daily:

– Incorporate Vegetables with Every Meal

– In addition, Make sure to eat 5 or more servings of fruits/vegetables daily

– In addition: Up your protein and eliminate sugar

– Exercise Daily for at least 30 mins

– Furthermore, Hydrate! Drink plenty of water

– Eliminate Processed Food

Incorporate and Maintain Exercise Routine

Exercise and Self Care Chiropractic Wellness Tips

There are many reasons why exercise is important. Regular exercise can improve our physical health and decrease our risk for serious health conditions. Exercise is proven to help us feel better and more confident. Find a few minutes in your day – 10 to 15 minutes – for exercise. In addition, make time for a walk in the neighborhood, park or a jog on the treadmill. Anything that gets you moving and takes your mind off of the usual daily routine. This is key to self care.

We welcome you to join us on a road to wellness. Everyone has a different lifestyle and we understand that no two paths are alike. It is with this that we offer tailored wellness plans to meet the needs of each individual. Need help getting started? Call us for a consultation with Dr Bond: 727-522-1900

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