Common Springtime Sports Injuries

Common Springtime Sports Injuries

Now that spring is in full bloom in St. Petersburg, people are spending more time outside participating in springtime athletic activities, such as running, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, and more. As people are playing and exercising outside more, they are leaving themselves more vulnerable to common springtime sports injuries, especially when they aren’t taking proper precautions against them.

Runner’s Knee

This is common to any person playing a sport that requires sprinting, such as baseball or basketball. An athlete can suffer from knee strains and sprains if he is not wearing appropriate footwear, if he is not properly warmed up, or if his body is not in the proper form for the exercises.

An experienced St. Petersburg chiropractor can treat sports injuries like runner’s knee by stretching and strengthening muscles to improve the motion of the kneecap, performing deep tissue massages that target scar tissue, and adjusting the low back to ensure healthy leg movement.

Tennis Elbow

As the common name suggests, tennis players are the most susceptible to Epicondylitis, which causes pain the joint of the elbow. This can be particularly frustrating because it takes longer to heal than others.

Manual manipulations that focus on the elbow joint can help improve range of motion. Laser therapy can also assist the healing process of the tissue surrounding the joint. Finding a local St. Petersburg chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries can help facilitate a more speedy recovery, which is important with an injury of this nature.

Lower Back Strains

Lower back strains occur when activities require sudden twisting motions or a lot of bending movements. Golfers are particularly susceptible because of the range of motion required for the game. Paying attention to and building up core muscles can keep athletes from relying too much on their spines.

The best way to treat low back issues it through chiropractic adjustments that will promote a more healthy range of motion, which in turn alleviates the pain associated with these sports injuries.

Hamstring Strains

Most hamstring strains can be avoided with a proper warm up. Many St. Petersburg athletes focus on endurance and strength, but they neglect flexibility, leading muscles to tighten and weaken. When muscles aren’t warmed and stretched out before a workout, they are more likely to pull.

With minor hamstring strains, you can self-treat with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. For more severe injuries, a quality chiropractor can perform adjustments and tissue massages to promote healing.

How Can We Help With Your Springtime Sports Injuries?

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Petersburg, we offer physical therapy and chiropractic care that will work together to promote healing for your sports injuries.

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