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At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Pete, we use Corrective Exercise as a way to help a person recover from an injury. We understand that there are many ways to rehabilitate an injured area, but knowing what caused or is causing the problem is the key.

Our Corrective Exercise specialists identify the problem the patient is having and then we develop a strategy to implement into the daily routine of the patient. The treatment plan is designed to correct the specific imbalances of each individual patient. Our Corrective Exercise experts then thoroughly evaluate and assess the movement patterns and locate the areas that are not balanced.  An imbalance in a patient may occur in various ways. Some of the ways might include repetitive movements, lack of movement, disease, and or trauma.

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Pete our Corrective Exercise team understands that during injury the body shifts to to avoid stressing the injured area and as a result, other areas of the body compensate for the injured region. This compensation of the body may result in muscles tightening, loosening, lengthening, or weakening. As compensation occurs so may misalignment of joints and normal movement patterns which may result in injury.

Seeing a St. Pete Corrective Exercise doctor will ensure the most effective treatment plan on a per-client basis. Our team will make sure to locate the cause of the problem and correct it through a specific individualized approach. Dr. Bond Thomas will thoroughly evaluate each patient and with the findings develop a specific rehab plan designed to educate, heal, and strengthen our patient.

Our Corrective Exercise team asks for a commitment from each of our patients. We ask that each patient takes treatment seriously and dedicates the required time to maximize healing. Our St. Pete team will design a Corrective Exercise treatment program to restore your health so that you can function at full capacity with more strength, stability, and stamina.

If you are an Athlete in the St. Petersburg area or a person that is recovering from a recent injury call our office to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to speak with you today.


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