Five Exercises For A Strong Core   

Five Exercises For A Strong Core   

By doing these five exercises for a strong core you will improve overall strength, mobility and prevent injuries. As you may be aware, core muscles are not just vital for body stability but also day-to-day activities.

The core muscles are the main links connecting your upper and lower body, making movement and engagements flow seamlessly. Therefore, you must take out time to exercise your core and ensure it’s always in the best shape. Not to worry, here are five key exercises you can engage in for a strong core.

Five Key Core Exercises

  1. Glute Bridge: While this exercise will give your gluteal muscles more flexibility and improved appearance, it is also aimed at strengthening your core. To engage in this exercise, lie down on the exercise mat with your face and knees up. However, ensure your feet are flat on the surface. After this, raise your hips upwards and downwards. The entire process is repeated. The benefits of this exercise include reduction in lower back pain, improved mobility, and agility.


  1. Plank: This exercise is similar to regular push-ups. The distinguishing factor here is that planks do not involve movement. Instead, you have to maintain a push-up position for an extended period. To do this exercise, get into the push-up position and retain it for an extended period. The benefits of planking include improved posture and metabolism boost.


  1. Leg Raises:

    As simple as it sounds, leg raises offer core strengthening by targeting the anterior hip flexors. The effect of this is a strengthening of the internal and external oblique muscles. This exercise is quite straightforward. It is done by lifting your legs into the air, suspending them, and then dropping. This cycle is repeated, resulting in enhanced leg and abdomen strength.


  1. Bird Dog: You may have imagined it already. This exercise enhances key parts of your body, such as the hip and back muscles, to increase motion range and posture placement. To perform this exercise, adjust yourself to be on your four limbs. Then, raise your opposing limbs (one arm, one leg) simultaneously. The exercise works to safeguard the neck and build lower back strength.


  1. Side Bend: This core exercise is all about strengthening the intercostal muscles. It is done by simply raising your right arm and bending your upper body to the left side. You can also switch over to the other arm and side. This is done repeatedly with breaks having the effect of increased rib support and strengthened core.

Focus on Core For Added Strength and Durability

In addition, there are other exercises you could engage in as well that will improve your core strength and facilitate your all-around fitness. These exercises include superman pull, v-sit, pelvic tilt, and crunches. But learning about these moves is not enough. You must ensure you take the right steps to achieve your desired fitness goals.

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