Have a Healthy New Year

Have a Healthy New Year

Yes you can have a healthy new year and feel better than ever. It all starts with a plan and putting that plan into motion. Every year people make resolutions and fail to be consistent. This year we are here to help you make goals and crush them all year long. We understand that no everyone’s goals will be the same. What we do know is that the formula to success is the same and that will make all the difference.

Getting Started Healthy Habits

You can start by making a list of healthy habits that you want to implement. Eating healthier and starting an exercise routine should definitely be included in this list.

Eating Healthy should include:

– Incorporate Vegetables with Every Meal

– In addition, Make sure to eat 5 or more servings of fruits/vegetables daily

– In addition to fruits make sure to up your protein and eliminate sugar

– Hydrate! Drink plenty of water

– Eliminate Processed Food

– Leafy Greens

– Salmon

– Cruciferous Vegetables- Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

– Boiled and Sweet Potatoes

Make sure that you don’t forget foods to avoid. Foods that are bad and you wish to eliminate or limit from your healthy lifestyle:

– Soda and Sugary drinks.

– Pizza

– Bread

– Sweetened breakfast cereals

– Fried foods

– Bakery Items

Exercise & Have a Healthy New Year

Regular exercise can improve our physical health and decrease our risk for serious health conditions. Health and exercise go hand in hand, make sure to exercise daily and reap the benefits.

At Least 30 minutes a Day

Find a few minutes in your day – 30 to 45 minutes – for exercise. In addition, make time for a walk in the neighborhood, park or a jog on the treadmill. Anything that gets you moving and takes your mind off of the usual daily routine.

Great Exercises For A Healthy Year

Skipping Rope: Skipping rope burns up to an estimated 200 calories within 15 minutes.

Squats: Squats are a great exercise to build foundation and support muscle groups. The reason is that they serve multiple purposes. Many people believe that squats are a leg only exercise. They would be wrong. Done properly, Squats engage every muscle in the body.

Push Ups – Done correctly push-ups are a great way to build strength and stay active. Even better they can be done anywhere.

A Good Night’s Sleep For A Healthy New Year

Everyone knows a good night’s sleep is great for your mood and appearance. In addition, a good night’s sleep does so much more to promote good health.

Above all, Sleep plays a key role in the retention of information. In addition, Long periods of sleep help our bodies to repair and hormones to synthesize.

Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest:

Concentration at work – The more you sleep the more apt you are to take in and retain important information.

Lower risk of heart disease – In addition, Getting a good night’s rest on the regular, lessens your chance of getting heart disease.

Depression – Those who can’t sleep (Insomniacs) including others that don’t sleep enough, are ten times as likely to develop major depression as those who sleep through the night.

Weight Gain – Missing out on sleep and staying up all hours often lead to bad eating habits. Overall wellness is impacted with the combination of sleep deprivation and weight gain.

Sleep Reduces Inflammation – Inflammation is thought to cause the body to deteriorate as we age. Stress increases hormones and raise the inflammation levels in our body. Therefore, This happens when we don’t get enough rest.

Make Time for You and Have a Healthy New Year

Whether its reading a book, taking a vacation or just getting outdoors for a walk, time for you is very important. It may not seem possible but it is easier than you think. Make sure to plan time for your needs every day.

If you’re caught up in taking care of all of your responsibilities and not sure what me time is, take your time.

What works for someone else may not work for you. Stop for a minute and think about a few things that would make you happy. Start off with just a few and implement those in to your routine. After you get going experiment and find new things that fit in with yourself care routine.

Build On Your Health Plan

Remember, the most important thing you can do is to get started. The perfect plan will not happen overnight. Above all, Don’t be afraid to try new things and eliminate ones that do not work for you.

You can have a healthy new year with a little planning and determination. Above all, the team at Bond Thomas Chiropractic is here to help you every step of the way. From planning to putting the plan in to motion. call us with any health and wellness needs:

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