Health Benefits Of Walking

Health Benefits Of Walking

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The health benefits of walking cannot be understated. Walking is perhaps the most ancient exercise there is. Hippocrates, the great Greek physician, observed that “Walking is a man’s best medicine.” The thought of walking is an amazing one. For instance, if you need a chilled beverage, you must walk to the fridge. Moving to your place of work or your workstation at home, you need to walk. Traveling from one room to another or one building to another, you need to walk! So, we are enjoying the medicine whether we like it or not. Now, I am here to share with you the health benefits of walking – or why you can call walking a medicine.

Health Benefits of Walking For Bones

Weight-bearing exercise such as walking is the best for bones. Research has it that walking reduces the risk of hip fracture by 30%.[1] Another benefit of walking to the bone was observed by Michael A. Schwartz, MD of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York. He observed that walking could stop the loss of bone mass for those with weak and brittle bones, osteoporosis. Walking adds more weight to bones. And the resulting stress of the weight helps bones to build more cells.

Weight Control and Muscle Strength

With 30 minutes of walk daily, one can burn up to 150 or 200 calories. As one keeps burning these calories to release energy, the percentage of body mass is dropping. Aerobic exercise, such as walking, is one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat. Because of the muscle loss that occurs alongside weight loss, walking prevents such muscle loss that occurs during weight loss. Thereby retaining more of one’s muscle strength and function. Also, walking increases the range of motion in the body. This increase in the range of motion shifts pressure and weight from joints to muscles.

Walking and Disease Prevention

Walking prevents chronic diseases. For instance, it prevents heart diseases by bringing up heart rate, lowering blood pressures, and strengthening the heart. Walking improves breathing. It causes oxygen to travel faster through the bloodstream and eliminates waste products. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 30 minutes of walk per day. Walking lowers both blood glucose and insulin resistance. With a lowered blood glucose and insulin resistance, the risk for Type 2 diabetes is consequentially lowered. Walking boosts the immune function. It protects one during cold and flu season.

Health Benefits Of Waling And Wellness

The benefits of walking are countless. Walking improves sleep quality. It also lightens one’s mood. It releases natural pain-killing chemicals, endorphins to the body. Endorphins offer the body emotional benefits. This chemical both improves mood and reduces the anxiety that often hinders sleep. In all, walking prolongs life. According to research[2] people who exercise regularly in their fifties or sixties are 35% less likely to die compared to their non-walking counterparts.

Taking a daily prescribed medication of walk is very advantageous. More so, it can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Take a walk with nature and enjoy a thousand miracles.



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