Healthy Holiday Eating

Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are upon us and for many of us this means Food, Family and more Food. Our Healthy holiday eating plan should keep your stomach full without the added weight gain. Eat on read on and enjoy the holidays.

Healthy Holiday Eating Without The Sacrifice

The healthy holiday eating temptation begins with Halloween and doesn’t end until after New Year’s Day. From tons of candy to pie, turkey and cookies the calories can add up quickly. This doesn’t have to be the end of the healthy fit body that you worked so hard to get.  Many people get away from their wellness plans during the holidays and wait til they are over to start again. This is a major problem and is the last thing you should do.  Eating healthy during the holidays and maintaining your wellness goals is very doable.

Don’t starve yourself to make room for the big dinner or party. Never go hungry. Make sure to eat something before our dinner or event. It can be a small meal or snack that has some protein. By doing this you will avoid over eating all at once, which is not good at all. Sure we all want to stuff ourselves when we see the never ending table of delicious food waiting. Trust me; you will be glad you didn’t, and so will your physique.

Make sure to drink lots of water during the holidays. Keeping yourself hydrated with water will keep you from mistaking food and water. By doing this you will prevent overeating during the holidays. If you like to enjoy a mixed drink or two, remember they most likely are high in sugar. Avoid dehydration limit sugar intake by alternating your drinks with a glass of water.

Don’t Overeat and Take a Break

Healthy holiday eating requires that you know when to say when. Overeating until you can’t move has probably happened to all of us at least once. However, this is the last thing we should do and not high on the list of wellness plans. Remember that the brain takes about 20 minutes or so to let the stomach know that you have had enough. Eating less food per sitting and spreading out your holiday meals throughout the day will keep your furnace burning calories and will help from overeating.

Eat Small and Sample

Most of us eat because we love the taste of the food we eat. We don’t just eat to eat. While you enjoy the meals and different foods this holiday season, take time to enjoy them. In addition, make sure to sample the holiday treats that have been prepared. Doing so will keep you from overeating and provide a lot more enjoyment.

Healthy Holiday Eating Can Be Enjoyable

The Holidays are a time to have fun. Enjoy the season with family and friends as you sit down to eat. Keep these healthy holidays eating tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about getting back on track. Eating in moderation is a great way to make sure you get to taste everything without busting the belt. Need help creating a healthy holiday eating plan? Call Bond Thomas Chiropractic to schedule a consultation: 727-522-1900


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