How Can Nutrition Counseling Help You?

How Can Nutrition Counseling Help You?

When it comes to losing weight and maintaining a balanced diet, many people find themselves frustrated with their lack of progress—and these are the people who could benefit the most from professional nutrition counseling offered by Bond Thomas of St. Petersburg.

Everyone understands that in order to maintain their health, they need to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and consume a moderate dose of vitamins every day. But, too often, many people overlook the fact that every body is different, and what works for one person may not be the most effective approach for others to take. If you are someone who is:

  • Frustrated by lack of results
  • Plagued by fatigue, irritability, and/or trouble sleeping
  • Unsure about what foods and vitamins you should be taking

You are someone who should schedule an appointment with us at Bond Thomas Chiropractic as soon as possible for nutritional advice.

What is Nutrition Counseling?

If the concept is new to you, don’t worry. The purpose of this service isn’t to pass judgement, or to lecture you about what you are doing wrong in your life. Quite the contrary! At Bond Thomas we want to help residents throughout St. Petersburg improve their health by providing them with helpful information and resources, specific and detailed nutrition plans, and customized, attainable goals to transform their health and increase their overall quality of life.

It goes without saying that there is a big difference between dieting and eating healthy. A lot of the advertised “fad” diets and weight loss programs out on the market today are falsely promising results, overcharging, and capitalizing on people’s desperate desire to lose weight or look a certain way. But there is also a big difference between eating healthy and eating healthy for your body.

We understand that, more often than not, the problem isn’t from lack of trying. Many times, our patients are shocked to discover that they are sensitive or intolerant to certain types of food, and some of the foods they have been consuming (even healthy stuff!) has been negatively affecting them.

Eating Your Way to Better Health

By visiting us at our St. Petersburg office for nutrition counseling, you will learn the specific type of diet you need in order to reap the most benefits. Our detailed instructions and recommendations extend beyond food—we also offer expert guidance on the types of supplements and vitamins that will work best for your body—down to the exact brand you should be using!

If you are interested in booking an appointment for nutrition counseling in St. Petersburg, give us a call at Bond Thomas Chiropractic today at 727-522-1900.

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