The Importance of Postural Screenings

The Importance of Postural Screenings

There are many reasons you should visit a St. Petersburg chiropractor for a postural screening. You might remember, as a child, having the school nurse examine your spine during gym class. She was looking for scoliosis, or any curves in your back. As we get older and our sedimentary lifestyles take full effect, we spend too much time hunched over screens and sitting at desks for most hours of the day; making sure we maintain healthy spines becomes just as important to our overall well-being as it was when we were young.

Importance of Screenings of Spine & Posture

Just because you may not be suffering from scoliosis does not mean you necessarily have a healthy spine. The muscles along our back support our upper body, which can cause a lot of muscle tension and discomfort over time. Sometimes people experience various aches and pains that can be attributed to misalignments in the spine. Relief from this kind of discomfort is what postural screenings at St. Petersburg chiropractic clinics are for!

Unfortunately, it is hard for many people to believe something might be wrong or out of place in their spine until they are able to see (or feel) it for themselves. After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it—right? But there are a wide variety of issues a misaligned spine may be causing that you aren’t even aware of, such as headaches or trouble sleeping. After your postural screening, your chiropractor will be able to determine a diagnosis and create a customized treatment plan, one that is realistic and will benefit you on multiple levels.

How Chiropractors Help Heal the Spine

Chiropractors specialize in the central nervous system, which is the main path of the spinal column and the powerhouse of day to day functioning. They can also offer nutritional and lifestyle advice to help maintain optimal health.

Through postural screenings, your chiropractor will be able to pinpoint stress points and any misalignments that may be causing you to experience neck or back pains, aches, or discomfort. The spine is made up of 26 vertebrae, all of which are highly sensitive and susceptible to injury. Fortunately, most problems with the spine, whether it be scoliosis, poor posture, or herniated disks, can be effectively treated through gentle, non-invasive chiropractic treatments, such as massage therapy, injury rehabilitation exercises, and manipulation adjustments.

Visiting a local chiropractor to get a postural screening can be the first step toward strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance! For more information, or to schedule an appointment in the St. Petersburg area, give the offices of Bond Thomas Chiropractic a call today at 727-522-1900.

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