Knee Pain- Chiropractic Specialist

Knee Pain- Chiropractic Specialist

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints among individuals regardless of their age. Dr. Bond Thomas offers his patients expert knee care treatment to relieve pain and treat the problem at its source. Patients in St. Petersburg, Florida can visit Dr. Bond at his office in Northeast St. Pete.

Knee pain can have a major impact on your lifestyle and limit your daily activities. Walking, running, and getting up and down from a chair can all be difficult when suffering from knee pain. Dr. Bond and his trained staff will make sure you have the best knee pain treatment in St. Petersburg.

Dr Bond Thomas is a knee pain Chiropractor and has been treating knee pain for over 2 decades. We will diagnose your condition and set a plan of treatment to eliminate your knee pain.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain In St Petersburg:

The knee joint is sturdy but instability will occur if the ligaments or tendons are damaged. Knee pain can have many causes, including:

Previous injuries (Ligament, Meniscus, or Tendon Injuries)
Overweight Obesity
Sports Injury Chiropractic 

After Identifying Your knee pain, Dr. Bond will develop a plan for treatment. Depending on the findings of the evaluation Dr. Bond may treat your knee pain in a number of ways.

Dr. Bond and his chiropractic treatment team will determine what knee pain treatment is right for you. The treatment for your knee pain may include:

Spinal adjustment- Chiropractic technique that restores balance to the joints of the body and will improve knee function and eliminate knee pain.

Trigger Points- Therapy to eliminate pain in certain areas of the body. For this application, Dr. Bond would target knee pain.

Posture correction to eliminate unnecessary pressure on the knee.

Nutrition Counseling. Weight issues can increase the risk of knee pain and injury. Dr. Bond will discuss optimal health through nutrition.

Knee pain has a number of causes and varies from each individual. If you experience knee pain in St. Petersburg and would like professional help please call the office of Dr. Bond Thomas Chiropractic. We have been the trusted knee pain specialist in St. Pete for 20 years. Our experts will make sure your knee pain is evaluated, diagnosed, and treated, providing you with the best possible care.

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