Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain Treatment at Our St. Petersburg Chiropractor office is provided by Dr. Bond Thomas and his team.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic of northeast St. Petersburg wants to bring you relief from low back pain. If you are struggling to sit for long durations, stand at work, or are unable to perform normal daily activities, Dr. Bond Thomas and his St. Pete team of experts have natural treatment options that will get you back to a pain-free lifestyle.

Our natural noninvasive low back pain treatment is drug-free and very effective. Our Downtown St. Petersburg location is convenient for residents of Old Northeast St. Pete, Downtown St. Pete, Allendale, Woodlawn, and Gulfport.
Our chiropractic team has success in eliminating low back pain in clients of all ages. Our treatment is all-natural and tailored for each individual patient.

Some of the Reasons you may be experiencing Low Back Pain in St Pete:

  • auto accident injury
  • sports injury
  • overuse or repetitive motion injury
  • sciatica
  • herniated disc
  • degenerative discs
  • vertebrae subluxation
  • poor posture
  • slip and fall
  • unstable work conditions
  • genetic spinal malformations such as scoliosis
  • chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
  • spondylolisthesis

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic we understand that each individual has specific needs for treatment and we develop wellness plans to assure those needs are met.

Dr. Bond Thomas consults with and evaluates each patient continually to determine the source of your lower back pain and monitor improvements.


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Chiropractic Techniques at Active Body Chiro-Care

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of Downtown St. Pete, our chiropractic team treats your lower back pain with drug-free, natural treatments that result in overall healing and wellness.

Different symptoms call for different chiropractic techniques. An example of treatment for a patient with lower back pain (sciatica) that radiates down the legs. Dr Bond may perform a manual adjustment to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Knowing that you are receiving expert chiropractic treatment for the lower back pain you are having will offer you peace of mind. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of Downtown St. Pete, you will receive expert care from our friendly team from the moment you step through the door. Dr. Bond is an active member of the St. Pete community and takes pride in offering the best chiropractic treatment to the Residents of St. Petersburg.
If you are experiencing Lower Back Pain stop by and see us or give us a call. Treatment for your lower back pain at our chiropractic facility will eliminate the pain you are having and provide a lifelong plan for your overall health.

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