Lower Back Pain St Petersburg

Lower Back Pain St Petersburg

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Lower Back Pain St Petersburg:

Lower Back Pain causes many to suffer in the St Petersburg area. As a lower Back Pain Specialist, Dr Bond Thomas treats low back pain and other issues related to the body. Making sure that each client has an individual plan for success, Dr Bond Thomas uses his expertise with traditional and alternative treatments to help people live pain-free.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain:

Many of our patients young and old alike, suffer from lower back pain and often ask what the cause is. The honest answer is lower back pain that many of our St Petersburg community suffer from, has many causes. Some may be caused by degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis, while others may be effected by poor posture, weight issues and muscle injuries.
Simple daily activities such as bending, lifting, and twisting may result in poor movement patterns, ultimately causing lower back pain. Quite often we see people who had a minor injury and put treatment off only to have it get worse, and ultimately life changing. Fortunate for anyone who suffers from a lower back injury, Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St Petersburg can treat back issues and eliminate the pain.

Lower back sprain/strain- result of bending and twisting movements, as well as repetitive lifting. Awkward bending to lift heavy objects

Herniated Disc– can result from repeated bending and twisting movements, as well as sudden, heavy lifting. Age may play a part as well.

Sciatica– pinching or damage to the sciatic nerve can cause pain on the lower back.

Healing Lower Back Pain:

Healing the lower back and eliminating the pain that comes with it through expert Chiropractic treatment is what we do.
Using hands on manipulation of the spine Dr Bond Thomas gives proper alignment to the injured patient’s musculoskeletal structure. Doing so enables the body to heal without intrusive methods.

We see patients who at first seem unsure of adjustments through hands on manipulation, but after they give it a try they rave about their experience. Many times our St Petersburg patients have said that they are worried adjustments would hurt, but now know that there is no pain and just relief from the pain they have suffered from.

Care and treatment of Lower Back Pain for our St Petersburg patients is our primary concern. We urge anyone suffering from Lower Back Pain to come in and speak with Dr Bond Thomas about treatment. Our patient care is personalized and effective. Our Lower Back Pain treatments will not just make you feel better, they will help you get back to your normal routine and say goodbye to back pain.

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