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Thank You for visiting the website of Dr Bond Thomas. If you are looking for an expert Meadowlawn wellness Chiropractor, we are here for you.

Dr Bond Thomas and his team create programs of success for each client. As a  Meadowlawn Wellness Chiropractor we will focus on your pain, the cause, and eliminate it. We are dedicated to overall health of each client. In addition to wellness Chiropractic, we will focus on nutrition and lifestyle.

Noninvasive Chiropractic Treatment

We treat patients that are looking for non invasive methods to eliminate pain. Back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, sciatica, headaches and migraines. Our team has an all natural approach to the health of our patients. In addition to the musculoskeletal system, we also look at the nervous system and more.

Therefore we treat the whole body and look to educate our clients on complete wellness. It is our goal to make sure the entire body is functioning at an optimal level. Therefore, we wish to make sure our clients understand why.

Patients seeking treatment from an Meadowlawn wellness Chiropractor can be assured of expert treatment. Our staff is committed to your health and wellness.

Meadowlawn Wellness Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr Bond uses chiropractic adjustments when needed to eliminate pain and realign the spine. These non invasive treatments eliminate pain and get our patients back in the game. With proper adjustments the body can do amazing things and assist in recovery.

Our Meadowlawn wellness chiropractor has treated thousands of patients with multiple conditions. Whiplash, herniated disks, sciatica and scoliosis all treated with success. Some of our Meadowlawn chiropractic patients conditions were from car accidents and sports injuries. In addition, some were injured at work, stress on the body and more.

We treat conditions such as hip pain, knee injuries and more. Foot pain, neck and shoulder injuries are also treated at our wellness office.

Who Can We Help

The Meadowlawn Chiropractic wellness team treats people of all ages, body types and fitness levels. We families, infants, kids, expecting mothers and more. With an extensive client base of athletes, car accident victims and seniors. We welcome everyone and look forward to being a part of your life change.

Most St Petersburg Patients come to our Meadowlawn chiropractic experts with many needs. We look at all aspects of each patients life. Work, hobbies, athletics, injuries and family history. Getting to know our patients on a personal level and recommend treatments specific to each individual. In addition, we recommend lifestyle changes to achieve optimal success. We set a goal for you to live a happy, pain free life.

Meadowlawn Wellness Chiropractor For Kids 

Our chiropractic treatment is for all ages. We happily treat babies and children. It is never to early to start chiropractic treatment. Our treatment for kids can prevent future problems, in addition to correcting current issues with the spine. We offer child physicals and adjustments in addition to back to school exams. Dr Bond does an exceptional job of making children feel comfortable. The trust developed ensures better treatment for our child patients.
If you need more information please visit our kids chiropractic page.

Meadowlawn Chiropractic For Senior Citizens

Meadowlawn seniors are in great hands when they visit our wellness center. With age, wear and tear also comes a loss in range of motion. Our Meadowlawn wellness team will make sure each of our senior patients receives specific care. After that, we will develop a plan to improve strength, balance and range of motion.

Above all, our strength and balance programs will reduce the incidence of future falls. With so many people over the age of 65 being injured by falls, our programs are essential. The Center for Disease Control estimates that  90% of  fractures in people above the age of 65 occur due to falling.

Chiropractic Wellness For The Entire Body

Dr Bond Thomas and his team of wellness professionals focus on the unique needs of each patient. In addition, our individualized wellness plans each patient gets a plan for success. From chiropractic adjustments to diet, stretching and lifestyle changes to ensure improved quality of living.

Call our Meadowlawn office to experience what chiropractic wellness can do for you. We can change your life and eliminate your pain. Call Today: 727-522-1900

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