Myths about Chiropractic Therapy: Busted

Myths about Chiropractic Therapy: Busted

When it comes to chiropractic therapy, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around out there. But at Bond Thomas of St. Petersburg, we want to take a minute to clarify and correct some of these myths to help people better understand the many ways in which this alternative form of medical treatment can significantly enhance both their health and quality of life.

  1. It isn’t safe. Because chiropractic therapy focuses on vulnerable areas of the body, such as the neck and spine, some people are hesitant about having someone treat it—especially if they don’t think there is anything immediately wrong with it. But don’t let the seemingly harsh words like “adjustments” and “manipulations” fool you—chiropractors use safe, gentle massages and therapeutic methods to treat you. They are the only type of doctors who get advanced education and training for this specific area of the body—making them the most qualified for diagnosing and treating most injuries associated with the neck, back and spine.
  2. It isn’t effective. There is an abundance of studies out there supporting the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy for certain patients. Because it incorporates a wide range of therapies and methods—from adjustments and massages to corrective exercises and nutritional counseling—chiropractic offers a holistic approach to each and every patient. What this means is that the patient is treated as a whole person—not just as the symptoms of their ailments. Many people are so happy with the results that they choose to regularly come back—even when there isn’t a specific injury or condition bothering them. Which brings us to the next myth…
  3. If you go once, you’ll have to go forever. You can—and are encouraged—to see a local St. Petersburg chiropractor if something specific is causing discomfort in your back, neck or spine. However, just because you go once does not mean you’ll have to commit to a lifetime of adjustments. Chiropractors can help restore mobility and strength, increase speed of recovery for certain injuries, and enhance a person’s overall health by increasing the functioning of their immune and central nervous system—which is why many people happily choose to incorporate it into their lifestyle.
  4. It’s only for patients suffering from injuries. Though chiropractic therapy can be used to safely and effectively treat those with car accident or sports-related injuries, it can also be used for a wide range of other ailments and conditions. From chronic migraines and trouble sleeping to poor posture and depression/anxiety, your chiropractor can help alleviate many symptoms of illness or disease troubling you.

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