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Physical therapy, or PT, encompasses the treatment, healing, and deterrence of injuries. It will help restore movement, allow for proper healing, and relieve your pain. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, we use PT for a variety of reasons, including chronic pain relief, sports injuries, and even car accident injuries. When patients come to us with discomfort, we try everything possible to help them live a more active life with less pain.

How Can We Help You?

It is important to remember that physical therapy is not a quick fix; instead, it simply teaches you to move better. Oftentimes, your therapist will give you exercises to try at home, with the purpose of having you add them into your daily routine. Following your specific health plan will allow you to reap the many benefits of this type of treatment. When patients first visit us in St. Petersburg, they typically have three goals for treatment:

  1. Alternative to surgery. Depending on the case, surgery might be the only treatment option available. However, when it isn’t, PT can help with strengthening and stretching the affected area. This treatment is also very helpful after surgery, to promote healing and better quality of life.
  2. Improve movement. If you cannot go through your daily activates around St. Petersburg without being in pain, physical therapy will help restore your movement abilities, as well as increase strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.
  3. Pain management without medications. Relying on medications to get through your day is no way to live. PT can be used to reduce pain, help you regain or retain flexibility, and provides better support to your joints by strengthening the muscles around them.

What to Expect

Here at Bond Thomas Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, it is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible, no matter if you are coming in for a chiropractor adjustment, physical therapy, or both! Before your visit, we recommend thinking about any questions you might have about your treatment plan or anything else you may be unsure of. Also, think about your symptoms and what seems to make them better or worse: Are you more comfortable sitting or standing? Are there certain actions that seem to ease or exacerbate the discomfort? If there are any past injuries you think may be contributing to your condition, make sure you disclose this information as well.

Lastly, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing, as you may be asked to perform some movements; the therapist might want to see you walk, sit down, stand up, bend down, and lift certain objects. This will help the therapist better ascertain how to best help you.

When you come to us in St. Petersburg for physical therapy, we will also ask you about your treatment goals, and teach you how to continue the exercises long after the sessions have been completed. A key aspect of this treatment is educating our patients on what they can do if the symptoms return. We will show you at-home exercises, and new ways to carry out daily tasks, that will put less strain on your body. We strive to minimize your discomfort, help you recover quickly, and show you how to avoid re-injuring yourself.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic

While physical therapy will typically only include 6-12 visits, it is our desire to always be available to you if the discomfort returns, or you feel you may need additional help. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, we offer PT and chiropractic treatments, as well as massage therapy to allow you to live a comfortable life with minimal pain. Ultimately the decision is up to you; you can take advantage of all three of these treatments we offer, or choose only one. We will help you figure out what will be the most effective, and successful, in letting you enjoy an active life once again.

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