Spinal – Postural Screenings

Postural and spinal screenings are a very important part of Chiropractic. This discovery phase provides your doctor with information regarding neuromusculoskeletal problems that once identified can be treated and eliminate the level of severity.

With a quick Spinal and Postural screening in our St Pete office, our experts can identify problems in your spinal alignment and posture that previously went unnoticed. This early identification with treatment can prevent chronic back and neck pain and decrease the chance of permanent injury.

Screening Process

Proper alignment of the human body consists of the pelvis, rib cage, and head balanced upon each other. When the body is not in alignment and good posture is not practiced the spine can deviate from its normal and healthy position. It is very important to see a doctor who can identify and treat postural issues. Abnormal posture and the association with development and injuries to the spine can be very damaging.

Some signs of poor alignment include:

Muscle injury
Sports-related injuries
Shoulder injuries
Disc injury
Neck pain
Back pain
Arm or leg pain
Pain in the buttocks
Numbness, tingling, or a “pins and needles” sensation in the arms, legs, hands, or feet

It’s never too early to get a spinal screening at Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Pete. Poor posture in adolescents has been linked to early arthritis and chronic pain in adulthood. No matter what age you are, your spine is always working hard to maintain balance, and movement and support your entire body.

Why wait until your spine is out of alignment to take care of yourself? If you live in the St. Pete area, Dr. Bond and his expert staff provide Spinal & Postural Screenings as a proactive approach. If you have any concerns at all regarding alignment or pain in your back or other areas of your body visit our St. Pete Spinal specialists and take the preventative measures you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

At our St Pete Spinal & Postural screening facility we utilize the latest equipment and technology and will accurately determine the cause of your pain. Our St. Pete staff is dedicated to expert care and treatment of your spine and eliminating any pain you may be experiencing. Our goal is to eliminate pain and prevent future discomfort enabling you to have a better quality of life at work, play, or just relaxing.

Posture and spinal screenings by a trained and experienced chiropractor such as Dr. Bond Thomas at his St. Pete office will help identify issues with your spine that may be causing you pain and interfering with your lifestyle. Contact our St. Petersburg office today to arrange a screening and begin a healthier lifestyle. 727-522-1900

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