Physical Therapy Chiropractor | St. Petersburg

Physical Therapy Chiropractor | St. Petersburg

Whether you are injured in St. Petersburg or wish to improve your range of motion, a physical therapy chiropractor can help you achieve your goals! Rehabilitative services usually follow an injury, but they can also accompany athletic training and wellness improvement programs. Without a spinal specialist, your efforts to stretch and exercise might make your condition worse. There are many resources online, but they will not all apply to your specific circumstances. Too many Pinellas County residents think that surgery is their only option for damaged rotator cuffs or chronic knee problems. Consider a natural, less invasive treatment, like chiropractic care.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

For those in St. Petersburg who want to overcome nagging stiffness and soreness, a physical therapy chiropractor can release you from chronic discomfort, whether it originated as an injury or has developed over time. When you do not address the issue, it cannot be healed properly. Our team of chiropractic professionals will assist you in moving forward, pain-free! Clients that we work with experience:

Improved Mobility

You might think that you do not need a specific treatment plan, but if everyday motions make you ache or wince, think twice. The more limited one’s range of motion, the less capable and self-sufficient they become. For true independence, movements, like walking and reaching, are essential to your quality of life. In fact, the simple act of walking helps minimize the threat of knee arthritis, hip fractures, stroke, and heart attack. Not only does regular activity increase vitality and mood, but it is also a preventative approach to obesity. St. Petersburg is chock-full of active opportunities— paddle boarding, sailing, cycling, and more! A physical therapy chiropractor can put you in the best position possible to stay in motion for years to come.

Recover From Sports and Auto Accident Injuries

Sporting types might have a tear in their ACL from a layup gone wrong or a rotator cuff injury after years of pitching. Whatever the case, our spinal specialist can help any athlete recover from an impairment and enhance their performance. We work with dancers, runners, football players, and more on a regular basis at our downtown office.

No matter how carefully you drive throughout St. Petersburg, auto accident injuries can occur. Whiplash causes damage to ligaments and muscles surrounding the spinal column, especially those around the neck. Without medical attention from a physical therapy chiropractor, you can encounter severe pain, foggy thinking, tension headaches, and prickling or numbness in the arms and hands. At Bond Thomas, our first goal is to assist you in reducing your discomfort. Then, we oversee your recovery.

Less Invasive Alternative to Surgery

If you have been told that knee replacement surgery is the only remaining option, pause before signing the papers! The drug-free, natural treatment provided by physical therapy chiropractors can rebuild your strength without ever conducting surgery. Before you go under, talk to chiropractic professionals to explore less invasive procedures.

Medication-Free Pain Management

Many who rely on medications to manage their discomfort. Whether you use over-the-counter options like Advil, ibuprofen, and Aleve or prescriptions from your doctor, the short-term relief is no match for long-term healing. By utilizing stretches and customized exercises, you can keep the chronic pain under control and, eventually, eliminate it! When you invest in chiropractic treatment, you avoid the continual costs of resupplying medication.

Bond Thomas: Physical Therapy Chiropractor

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, you can expect individualized treatment and undivided attention in the convenience of downtown St. Petersburg. At your initial appointment, you can expect discussion about your goals and health concerns. Before applying any adjustments, the doctor will describe what he plans to do. We urge our clients to vocalize their misgivings because we want them to feel comfortable throughout the entire visit. We provide services that target:

With so many amenities in one place, you do not have to run across town for every single appointment you have. Contact our office off 16th Street North in St. Petersburg to schedule an appointment with our physical therapy chiropractor!

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