Sitting and Back Pain

Sitting and Back Pain

Sitting and back pain go hand in hand. Sometimes, we can’t help but sit down tight at a desk for hours in the workplace. But then, the human body is also meant to stand upright. This is important to our circulatory systems.  You impede normal blood flow and joint function by sitting for too long in the workplace. And this can cause a couple of problems, including varicose veins and lower body pain. Lower body pains can sometimes radiate to your lower limbs, depending on the cause. And while we may have several causes of lower back pain, it is clear that sitting for too long and a bad sitting posture can start or lead to back pain.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Among the causes of lower back pain are sciatica and bad posture, perhaps while working.

Sciatica takes its name from the sciatic nerve. Any time there is a compression of this nerve as a result of prolonged sitting, it radiates pain through the lower back and lower limb.

Another cause is poor sitting posture, which locks the vertebrae at restricted positions. And this can cause the wearing away of the intervertebral disc. Thus, leading to the compression of nerves in the lumbar region, causing lower back pain.

Care for Lower Back Pain Caused By Sitting

Now, you may have resolved to self-medication and other high-risk treatments to treat this pain. However, there is a low-risk and effective way of relieving lower back pain. And this is the Chiropractic Adjustment or Treatment.

The Chiropractic Treatment is a special procedure, carried out by a Chiropractor. It involves using the hand or small instruments to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. This treatment aims to restore joint movement that has been earlier restricted by poor sitting postures. Chiropractic treatment helps the body heal itself, reducing the risks of undergoing spinal surgeries and medications.

Another treatment that is very similar to Chiropractic Treatment is Physical Therapy. And this is usually the recommendation for sciatica pain as it involves several rehabilitation exercises that teach the body to move in a way that doesn’t compress the sciatic nerve. However, a patient feeling lower back pain may have to go through surgery. At the same time, he gets physical therapy in the recovery time after surgery.


We have considered how sitting for long or with bad posture at the office can cause lower back pain. We have also seen how the pain can be relieved by the unique procedures of chiropractic treatment. However, it behooves to remind you that prevention is better than cure. So, stand up and take a walk break at intervals, at least 3,000 steps a day – it would be a shrewd decision to make.

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