Sleeping For Optimal Health

Sleeping For Optimal Health

Most people enjoy getting a good nights rest and feeling energized throughout the day. Sleeping for optimal health is key for many reasons that we will discuss in length here. During sleep many things are happening to our bodies. We re energize, heal and strengthen. Sleep is essential for optimal wellness and without it we could not function. We encourage you to read on, but hey if you get a little sleepy, feel free to take a nap and continue after.

Why Sleeping For Optimal Health Is Important

Sleep plays a key role in the retention of information. We take in enormous amounts of information as we go about our day. During sleep we store memories and sort information in a unique way. Transferring info from short to long term memory happens when we get a good night sleep. Long periods of sleep help our bodies to repair and hormones to synthesize.

As far as wellness is concerned, sleep is as essential as eating well and exercising. Make sure you are sleeping for optimal health on a daily or nightly basis.

Here are some of the benefits to a good nights rest:

Concentration at work – The more you sleep the more apt you are to take in and retain important information.

Lower risk of heart disease – Getting a good nights rest on the regular, lessens your chance of getting heart disease. With regular sleep patterns and a solid night sleep you can reduce the chances of sleep-related conditions such as apnea and promote better overall heart health. Lack of sleep has been associated with bad blood pressure and cholesterol, which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Depression – Those who cant sleep (Insomniacs) including others that don’t sleep enough, are ten times as likely to develop major depression as those who sleep through the night. Sleep impacts many of the chemicals in your body, including serotonin. Those with serotonin deficiencies are more likely to suffer from depression.

Weight Gain – Missing out on sleep and staying up all hours often lead to bad eating habits. Overall wellness is impacted with the combination of sleep deprivation and weigh gain.

Sleep Reduces Inflammation – Inflammation is thought to cause the body to deteriorate as we age. Stress increase hormones raise the inflammation levels in our body. This happens when we don’t get enough rest.

Health and Healthy Emotions

The importance of our emotional well being is directly effected by the amount of sleep we get. A lack of sleep often leads to a bad mood and a person being on edge, often snapping at the slightest of things. This often has a negative effect on your daily routine, including the people you come in to contact, including loved ones.

Sleep improves Brain Function:

Lack of sleep is hard on the brain. Attention, memory and attention are all significantly affected. The brain has a chance to perform important functions that are essential for optimal health. Sleep helps the brain to processes complex stimuli during sleep, and uses this information to make decisions while awake. Therefore sleep as it relates to the brain, plays a key role in learning.
Ever pull an all night study session cramming for a test? Chances are it did more damage then good.

Sleeping for optimal health is not just something to consider, its essential. Make time for rest and you will feel better and therefore live better. From creativity to memory and muscle repair, sleep is the key ingredient that you cannot function without.  Our team of wellness experts at  Bond Thomas Chiropractic offer personalized wellness plans. In addition to fitness and diet, are the benefits of a good nights sleep.

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