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At Bond Thomas our St Pete Sports Chiropractic team’s number one goal is to get our injured athletes back in the game as soon as possible. We do this using all natural non invasive chiropractic treatment. Our sports chiropractic techniques will help you improve your performance on the field, prevent future injuries and keep you in the game. Our chiropractic team understands that limited range of motion due to injury can inhibit your game and increase your risk to injury. Our expert staff will use all natural therapeutic methods to heal your injury and improve your overall athletic performance.

Athletes and Chiropractic Care

Regardless of the sport you participate in and the level of the sport, all of our athletes benefit greatly from routine chiropractic treatment. Range of motion, flexibility, endurance, blood flow and less susceptible to injury are some of the benefits of athletic chiropractic care. Athletes that participate in football, wrestling, basketball, swimming, baseball, softball, track, judo, jiu-jitsu, tennis, soccer, weigh-lifting, racing, skate boarding, martial arts, golf, bowling and lacrosse all have great results from athletic chiropractic treatment from the experts at Dr Bond Thomas Chiropractic.

You Need a Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractic care involving routine adjustments, is a great way for both high and low impact athletes to benefit their bodies for a specific sport. Routine adjustments increase an athletes ability to perform on the field, flexibility, and most important it lowers risk of future setbacks. Whether you are experiencing muscle tension, shoulder pain, knee pain, back or neck tightness, Dr Bond will develop a tailored plan for you. With spinal adjustments and non invasive muscle techniques that will get you back in the game and preventative future injury.

st pete sports chiropractic

Why Sports Chiropractic Treatment

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic our sports doctors know that athletes want to be in the game. We understand your frustration when you cannot participate in the sport you love. Keeping our athletes healthy, pain free, flexible and strong is our focus. We know that athletes that have routine non invasive chiropractic adjustments, are prepared for the demands of their sport. Our sports chiropractor uses adjustments to align the spine and reduce inflammation and get proper blood flow. Routine visits before and after sports participation will ensure that your body is in optimal condition for the stress that it will encounter.

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We recommend a consultation with Dr. Bond Thomas if you have a sports injury or to begin routine sports chiropractic treatment for your specific sport.

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