St Petersburg a Great Place to Exercise Outdoors

St Petersburg a Great Place to Exercise Outdoors


Skip the gym and start exercising outdoors. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather we have here in St Petersburg. With so many parks, pools and classes, there is always something going on to keep you fit and healthy. If you enjoy working out alone you can go anywhere you want, from the beach to Pinellas Trail or any of the beautiful parks right here in St Petersburg. If working out in a group is what you are looking for, you will be happy to know that there are exercise groups that cover everything from yoga to body toning to running. All you need to do now is get out and start exercising.


Thinking about Yoga but not sure what it is or where to go? Yoga includes physical exercise, but also trains your mind, body and breathing and is great for controlling stress. Yoga classes are offered at the Sundial Courtyard, 153 2nd Ave N, Downtown St. Petersburg, on Saturdays. All you need is your body, a water bottle and a mat.
Another option if you want to try Yoga is Beach Yoga. What could be better than training yoga on a gorgeous St Petersburg beach? There are plenty of groups and locations to choose from, just check out the meetup groups and see what works best for you.


Most of us who live in the St Petersburg area have seen the bootcamp class exercising in North Shore Park. If the class has peaked your interest and you want to see what it is all about check out their Facebook Page. a great way to get outdoors, have some fun and get in shape. No real drill sergeants here, just friendly faces to motivate you along.

You can’t ask for a more beautiful setting to exercise and burn calories.


For tree climbing enthusiasts in St Petersburg the Pathfinders Tree Climb located at 1310 22nd Avenue S, St. Pete is the perfect way to get outdors, exercise and meet some great people. Tree climbing has gained in popularity and is a fun way to get fit. The group meets every first Saturday in St Petersburg. Safely climb and challenge your body as you are strapped up with a rope and harness. The Pathfinders Tree climb lets you find a creative way to workout and stay fit. You can get in touch by visiting the Pathfinders Facebook page.


If you love to bicycle, skate or run the Pinellas Trail in St Petesrburg has a great place to bring your exercise program. A 37 mile rail trail in Pinellas County that was created on former railroad tracks. The trail runs from Tarpon Springs, Florida to St. Petersburg, Florida and has spectacular views along the way. A beautiful stretch trail that goes through a very urbanized area, with pedestrian bridges, overpasses and underpasses to keep riders safe from the busy traffic in the Tampa Bay area. Great for marathon runners, triathletes, long distance runners, skaters and every day fitness enthusiasts. The Pinellas Trail website is a great place to familiarize yourself with all news and paths concerning the trail.

StPetersburg is known for so many great things, beaches, tourism, nightlife, real estate and health. Our beautiful outdoor scenery provides us with a great place to exercise year round. With so many great exercise options in St Petersburg there aren’t any reasons to put off getting involved. Do some research and find the program that fits your interest and get moving.


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