Stretching For Optimal Health

Stretching For Optimal Health

Stretching For Health

Most of us who live in St Pete are in a day to day routine and forget to do take a moment and focus on health. Stretching and movement can make a world of difference in the way we feel, move, age and recover. Sitting in the car in St Pete traffic or at work for long periods, sleeping in a bad position, repetitive movement without properly stretching after can have a lasting effect on the body. Stretching often makes is not only good for your body but it also makes you feel better. The body functions better when we stretch, so what are you waiting for?

As we get older our muscles begin to tighten. This is a natural part of the aging process. The bad thing about tightening is that it can inhibit range of motion and cause joint stiffness, making normal day to day activities more difficult.

Many of our Chiropractic patients have great results when combining stretching and low impact exercise. Often injuries heal faster and pain is lessened which helps them to feel better and improve quality of life.

Some of the benefits of stretching for wellness are:

Spinal Alignment: stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders and lower back help improve posture by keeping the spine in alignment.

Improves ROM: stretching properly and routinely helps increase range of motion. Stretching will make you more flexible which, in turn, will make you less prone to injury.

Relieves lower back pain: By stretching the lower back you relax those muscles. Eliminating the stiffness will enable them to relax and improve comfort.

Protect against long-term injury: in the sense that flexibility and range-of-motion deficits can cause overcompensation patterns to develop. Lacking adequate range of motion can affect lower leg and foot mechanics, leading to tendinitis or other issues over time.

Make sure that your everyday routine includes stretching for maximal health benefits. By simply adding a few stretches to our routines we eliminate some of the long term health risks associated with lack of movement. Make sure that you consult with Dr Bond about the benefits of stretching and how to properly perform static and dynamic stretches to maximize flexibility.

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