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Advantages of Chiropractic Treatment

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Your spinal columns are comprised of 24 vertebrae. These allow your body to move around freely while also protecting the organs of our central nervous system. Taking care of your joints is an important step in avoiding pain, discomfort, and even possible decreased mobility. Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Petersburg Florida provides these beneficial chiropractic services as well as others services such as sports injury treatment and nutrition.

Dr. Bond Thomas is able to treat whiplash along with soft tissue, cervical, and musculoskeletal injuries that occur within the joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. He is also experienced in treating thoracic and lumbar pains. Chiropractic treatment of these injuries provides pain relief and helps to maintain an overall healthy body. These services decrease the chance of falling victim to long-term tissue damage. Some conditions don’t reveal themselves for months – perhaps even years. Regular chiropractic treatment can help prevent joint and tissue conditions that may be lurking.

An additional advantage to chiropractic treatment is the drug-free and noninvasive nature of this practice.

Many people love receiving these services because they don’t strain the body or leave unwanted recovery times. The American Chiropractic Association states that many people even experience instant relief to their ailments.

If your pain stems from an accident, it’s important to document your injuries immediately for insurance purposes. Remembering to document your medical treatments is also important. Bond Thomas Chiropractic accepts all major kinds of insurance – whether your coverage is with an auto accident, athletic accident, workers compensation, personal injury, or Medicare.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic is committed to delivering quality services to all.

The welcoming staff is here to help you through your pain and to help your body be the best it can be. Contact them today to book your first appointment by calling 727-522-1900

Finding the Best Chiropractor for Chiropractic Adjustments

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When you’re looking for a top quality service or product in St. Petersburg, you’re likely to ask the opinion of those you trust or read reviews posted online. These can give us an idea of the ambiance of a restaurant or the serviceable life of a power drill. But if you aren’t open about what you need, suggestions and 4-star ratings only go so far. When it comes to receiving chiropractic adjustments, you will get the most out of your sessions if you know what you’re looking for.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Your Specific Needs

You’ll find the best chiropractor by knowing what you want to get out of the chiropractic adjustments you receive. Providers in this line of care are all trained in completing spinal adjustments, so consider if you are looking for a more specific service.

  • Were you recently in a car accident in St. Petersburg?
  • Are you interested in nutritional counseling?
  • Have you been injured playing sports?
  • Would you like care for preventative reasons?

The answers to these questions should guide your search for a chiropractor.

Recovering from an Auto Accident

One of the most common reasons people see a chiropractor is because they’ve been in an auto accident. The body undergoes serious trauma whether a crash is significant or minor, so it’s important to address the damage immediately. Otherwise, your spine and soft tissues will heal incorrectly. This will lead to more pain in the future, and your treatment will take longer.

Managing Your Weight

Weight management is a challenge for many St. Petersburg residents, and some chiropractors offer nutritional counseling services. If you’re looking for someone who can better your spinal health while advising dietary and lifestyle changes, you need to find somebody who provides services for that wellness component.

Bounce Back from Athletic Injuries

For active individuals in St. Petersburg who have been injured, returning to the field is the top priority. Chiropractic adjustments are an efficient way to heal your body and improve your range of motion. You will leave your appointments with stretches and exercises to do in the interim so you can resume training sooner. If you’re serious about your sport, consider working with a chiropractor to maximize your performance.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic Care

We cannot express the importance of finding a provider who offers the chiropractic adjustment care that you need. You may even be fortunate enough to find a chiropractor in St. Petersburg that offers all of the services we shared about. That way, if the need ever arises, you are already established. Bond Thomas is one such place, and you can count on our full attention when you come to the office. Call 727-522-1900 to schedule your first appointment!

Stress Management Tips

Everybody deals with stress in their life, but sometimes it can get out of control. When you feel like life is getting too crazy, these tips about chiropractic adjustments will help find out what you can do to relieve tension in your body and mind.


Life in St. Petersburg is busy, but don’t forget to take a moment and breathe. Sit down, close your eyes, and inhale. Hold the breath for six seconds, and then slowly release. While doing this, release the tension in your shoulders and arms to help you relax. Repeat these steps a few times until your head feels cleared.


Laughter truly is the best medicine! In between chiropractic adjustments, you can relieve some of your stress by laughing it out; studies show that humor diffuses tension. Need inspiration? Go to a comedy show in St. Petersburg, or discuss fun topics with friends and family. Not only will you benefit from the laughter, but socializing can lower the stress hormone, cortisol. A don’t forget to get a hug at the end of the evening— physical contact with a loved one has been found to lower blood pressure in addition to decreasing cortisol.

Take a Walk

Exercise stimulates your body in a way that produces endorphins, which are hormones that reduce stress. A brisk walk can help relieve stress in your body naturally. Walking gives you a chance to step away from stress, take in the fresh air and nature, and can even put your brain in a meditative state. Restore your senses by taking a stroll on one of the many beaches in St. Petersburg. While there, listen to the waves and relax.


Like walking, working your body releases endorphins to relieve stress. Stretching has the added benefit of activating specific muscles, just like chiropractic adjustments. Boost energy and reduce fatigue with simple stretches every day, and visit a chiropractor in St. Petersburg on a regular basis to enhance the benefits your body sees from daily stress management.

Receive Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for many reasons, and they will keep your spine in alignment. Spinal alignment is crucial for proper communication between your brain and the rest of your body; the nerves in your spinal cord send messages, and a misaligned spine can interrupt or halt them altogether. Regular visits to our St. Petersburg office can also lead to pain relief, better mobility, stronger immunity, increased energy, and better sleep. Call our office at 727-522-1900 to schedule a consultation, and feel less stressed today.

Chiropractic Adjustments 101: What They Are and Why They Are Important

It is a common misconception that chiropractic adjustment services are only needed by people who have recently sustained an injury—such as those from car accidents or strenuous physical activities. However there are many benefits to seeing a St. Petersburg chiropractor, even if you do not have a physical ailment. This alternative form of medicine can be used by people of all ages and health conditions, from senior citizens to young children. An increasing number of people are recognizing the many advantages of chiropractic care and have begun incorporating it into their overall healthcare and wellbeing.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

If you have never had a professional spinal adjustment, you may not be sure of what exactly it consists of. The spine is a sensitive area, but it is also one of the most crucial parts of our bodies that is a staple in our day to day functioning. This is why making sure it is in the best possible shape is essential to your health. These adjustments, also sometimes called manipulations, refer to the techniques used by chiropractors applied to the spine and surrounding joints to correct abnormalities for better functioning and relief of acute or chronic pain.

During adjustments, gentle pressure is applied to the vertebrae to increase and improve mobility and range. The primary purpose of chiropractic adjustments is to correct subluxations—which is the term given to any and all abnormalities and misalignments in the spine’s vertebrae. These manipulations can also relieve joint cavitation, or joint pressure.

What Should I Expect from an Adjustment?

Many people are unaware that, although they may not be experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is possible their spine has misalignments which could be affecting them in ways they aren’t even aware of. The only way to know for sure how healthy your spine, neck, and central nervous system are is to see a professional chiropractor in St. Petersburg to get an x-ray and examination. Once this is done, your doctor will work with your to correct any and all problem areas.

Though a lot of patients use this therapeutic treatment for lower back pain, just about anybody can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. It is an extremely safe procedure with minor, if any, side effects. Some side effects people may experience are temporary soreness, tiredness, headaches, or muscle spasms. However, it is important to note that the benefits of chiropractic adjustments largely outweigh the negative. Some of these benefits include:

  • Pain relief of musculoskeletal pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased strength
  • Improved flexibility

If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic adjustments, or want to schedule a consultation with a St. Petersburg chiropractor, give us a call today at 727-522-1900.

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