Take Time For You

Take Time For You

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Relax, take a breath and take time for you. In this busy world, we sometimes get so caught up in life that we forget to focus on our own wellness. Between work, family, relationships and other responsibilities our own well being often gets overlooked. Remember being your best can only happen when it starts with you. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St Petersburg we are here to make sure personal wellness is a part of your life.

It’s Ok To Put You First

Make sure not to over commit to others. Many of us want to do everything we can to help everyone. This often comes at a cost to our own well being. Helping others is great as long as your own health is not compromised. Make sure to know when to draw the line and say no. If it’s at work or home make sure that time you have designated for you is just that, your time.

Plan How to Spend Your Time and Stick To It

Make sure you know how and what you want to do during your time. Whether it is taking naps, a daily walk, activities you enjoy or just going outside. Knowing what you would like to do and making sure time is allotted for you. In addition, It is important to know how to meet your own needs. When planning make sure to focus on time and how the plan works for you.

Don’t Do It All On Your Own

Work and family bring many responsibilities. This is where you may need to draw the line at certain times. Make sure the burden of responsibility at work or home is not all on you. In addition, Delegate and make sure others are contributing as well. It may be difficult to do at first, but it is best for your wellness.

Benefits of Alone Time

The importance of finding time in a busy world cannot be stressed enough. Whether you want to read or just sit and do nothing at all, me time is essential for internal balance.

During Me time you can:

– explore your interests

– work on emotional and mental strength

– just relax

– exercise

– get to know yourself better

Take Time For You: How Much?

It doesn’t have to be a week vacation or hours at a time. During the day make a point to focus on you.

– short walk

– get up and stretch

– daydream

– some short reading

These little breaks can go a long way towards optimal wellness

Take a Day Off

Make it a me day. Even if you take a day off to do absolutely nothing, it may be just what was needed. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? It isn’t hard either. Whether you work at home or have a boss, make a plan for a day just for you. Sit and watch movies, get some extra sleep, take a beach day or just go with the flow. Above all, Make it about you and enjoy the day.

Take Time for You: Exercise

There are many reasons why exercise is important. Regular exercise can improve our physical health and decrease our risk for serious health conditions. Exercise is proven to help us feel better and more confident. All great reasons to get up and get moving. It is really quite easy to overlook the importance of exercise and miss out on opportunities. Therefore, Find a few minutes in your day – 10 to 15 minutes – for exercise. In addition, make time for a walk in the neighborhood, park or a jog on the treadmill. Anything that gets you moving and takes your mind off your normal routine.

Remember to take time out for you. If you need help getting started, we can help. We are here to provide individualized wellness plans and assist you in reaching your wellness goals. In addition, If you need help or guidance please call the office of Bond Thomas Chiropractic to schedule a consultation: 727-522-1900



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