Tension Headache Treatment

Tension Headache Treatment

If you are under a lot of tension and are experiencing headaches it may be time to visit your chiropractor. Professional tension headache treatment is available in St. Petersburg. Most people living in the St. Petersburg area will suffer from tension headaches at one point or another.

Caused by both physical and mental stresses, these types of headaches can cause a world of discomfort. In addition to the stress and headaches, poor health may follow.

Tension Headache Causes

There are many ways that a headache can start. Stress from life, work, and family bills may cause some people to get tension headaches. Others may start from a poor postural position or some kind of physical stress on the body.

A misaligned spine can cause tension headaches as well. Headaches affect a large number of people in the United States every day. Therefore Knowing what to do and how to treat tension headaches is important.

Here are some common triggers to Tension Headaches:

  • alcohol – drinking too much could trigger a headache therefore limit is best
  • Eye strain – tension headaches may be caused when your eyes are strained. working on the computer, cell phone, or reading for a length of time.
  • dry eyes – lacking lubrication of eyes
  • fatigue – not getting proper rest. Therefore try to sleep at least 7 hours a night.
  • Smoking – among the numerous other problems it causes, smoking is bad for your vision and can lead to serious eye problems.
  • Sinus infection – puts stress on the nasal area and can lead to tension headaches
  • Caffeine – too much can cause headaches
  • Poor posture – kinks and stiffness from bad posture can lead to headaches

Tension Headache Treatment:

The best answer is to avoid tension headache triggers. However, that cannot always be done. Stress from everyday life, bills, and work will always be there. Fortunately, tension headache treatment through chiropractic care is available. In addition, making routine visits to your St. Petersburg chiropractor for headache prevention will change your life. In addition, Making sure your body is in proper alignment and healthy will eliminate many of the causes of your headaches.

St Petersburg Headache Treatment:

Professional tension headache treatment is available right here in St. Petersburg. Dr Bond Thomas of Bond Thomas Chiropractic will treat and eliminate your tension headaches. Massage, spinal alignment, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle wellness plans are all part of tension headache treatment. In conclusion, visits to your chiropractor and lifestyle changes will go a long way.

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