Why Nutrition Counseling is Better Than Dieting

Why Nutrition Counseling is Better Than Dieting

When residents of St. Petersburg come to us at Bond Thomas Chiropractic for nutrition counseling, it’s because they are ready to exchange their old, ineffective habits and approaches to dieting and exercising for a healthier and beneficial lifestyle. However, if you are interested in this service, it is important to note that it doesn’t have to be because you are interested in losing weight.

Contrary to popular belief, nutritional advice and counseling isn’t meant to lecture you about the importance of eating a healthy diet. Of course, this is important—but most people already know and understand that. What our nutrition counseling services offer is a specific, custom program that is designed around providing you with ways, plans, and solutions that not only help you implement healthier eating strategies, but provide you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources needed to learn exactly which types of foods those are.

The Importance of Understanding Your Diet

Not enough people in St. Petersburg take the old adage “you are what you eat” as literally as they should. While you may not be full-blown allergic to certain foods, there are many foods out there today, especially foods that are packaged and processed, and filled with artificial ingredients, that you are “sensitive” or “intolerant” to. If you regularly consume these types of food, it can cause you to feel fatigued, sick, bloated, and lead to illness and disease.

So what’s the first step in preventing this? Determining which foods and ingredients should be eliminated from your diet. With our nutrition counseling services, we will help develop a customized plan that fits your lifestyle, meets your needs, and help you devise a plan to actively and successfully meet your health goals.

How Nutrition Counseling Works

It is one thing to tell someone they need to eat healthy, but an entirely different thing to help them actually implement ways to make this happen. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic of St. Petersburg, we know that you don’t want to completely overhaul your old habits and life for the sake of being healthier, which is why we provide you with realistic solutions for healthier eating and living that won’t feel like a punishment or sacrifice, but rather a long-term commitment through lifestyle modifications.

This includes recommending the right nutritional supplements and vitamins that will benefit your body most. Not all vitamins are created equally, and deficiencies vary from person to person. What is right for one person to take isn’t necessarily going to help you in anyway, which is why it is so important to see a professional for nutrition counseling services.

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