Ultimate Guide to Wellness for Kids

Ultimate Guide to Wellness for Kids

  • Wellness for Kids

The childhood years form the foundation of wellness for kids. As a parent or guardian, we know that you want to improve your child’s health, but in an age of Internet-fueled fads, how can you tell where to start and what to prioritize? It can become overwhelming with so much information and other parental opinions available in St. Petersburg. But rest assured: your concern about establishing healthy habits is an indicator that their well-being is important to you. Pair your intention and love with our ultimate guide to wellness for kids starting today.

Physical Fitness

Have you ever noticed the way young children will skip instead of walking? Spin around in circles while waiting in line? This innate compulsion to move should be honored, not quieted. Encourage your son to sprint around the yard, and help your daughter climb the tree in your favorite St. Petersburg park. Make time to visit the playground where they have access to a variety of equipment. By making time and creating opportunities for play, you help them create a healthy relationship with exercise. Not only will it strengthen their lungs and heart, but it will also curb excessive energy.

Balanced Gut Flora

The gut gets overlooked when it comes to wellness for kids, but it can make and or break their well-being. Bacteria are necessary for healthy immune function in St. Petersburg, but not everyone gets enough, regardless of age. You can increase positive bacterial exposure by:

  • Giving them a probiotic supplement
  • Drinking kefir and kombucha
  • Eating fermented foods, like kimchi

In addition to improved immune function, this will promote digestion and help reduce allergies.

Chiropractic Services from Bond Thomas Chiropractic

Chiropractic services are a key component of wellness for kids. Our spinal health begins in the womb and is affected every single day afterward. Misalignments result from everyday slips and falls, as well as serious injuries like broken bones. Don’t let an early occurrence go untreated. It will influence spinal health for years to come, affecting immune function and their physical well-being.

Chiropractic care is natural and drug-free, and it is essential when it comes to wellness for kids. Come to our St. Petersburg facility, and let our chiropractor use adjustments to enhance your son or daughter’s health today!

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